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  • 5 years out and pregnant!

    Karly Green

    It's happening! The girl who never wanted kids, is pregnant! After meeting and marrying the man of my dreams ... I am so proud and honored to say I am a very healthy and happy 3 months pregn...

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  • What do you use for serious long term pain relief?


    I need long-term pain relief--unrelated to WLS. I have cervical spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the spine which pinches nerves), arthritis and a number of other pain issues. Right now I am i...

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  • 2lb Loss for my Birthday!!


    As of last Wednesday 11/25/15 I was 2 weeks post op. I was officially down 22 pounds this morning 11/27/15. I also turned 34 today and I realized how much I regretted trying so hard on my ow...

  • Post Op Pain


    I had my sleeve on 11/17 so I'm about 10 days post op.  The pain on the left side of my stomach doesn't seem to be getting any better.  I can't bend over, sit for any long period, or walk fo...

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  • 2 Week Post-Op


    Wednesday was my first post-op appointment. For the most part, I've been getting a lot better. I'm on the move a lot more and I try to deal with my pain one step at a time. I've lost 32.2 po...

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  • New Diagnosis Today


    I had my 2 week post-op appointment today and got good news and bad news...  I have lost 55 pounds since October 14 (12 lbs since surgery) and 11 BMI points, my incisions look good, and I'm ...

  • Pregnancy after WLS


    Pregnancy after WLS This is a subject I see too far and few in between. So many times have I heard and read about people choosing between weight-loss surgery and bearing a child. As expected...

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  • Still Rockin'

    Melissa Mermaid

    I am now 60 years old and a size small in most cases. I play with about 10-15 pounds (like a "normal" person). I just celebrated 11 years out from my DS and enjoying the far better part of 1...

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  • My Last Nutrition Class is finished!


    I finished my last nutrution class today and learned about Phases 3,4 and 5 of post op surgery Diet. I have also lost another 14.2 pounds from Oct 21st 2015. That brings me down 82.5 pounds ...

  • Follow-up Appointments - March and September 2015

    Cindy F.

    I guess I've been lax in updating on here about my appointments with Dr. Beausoleil. I had a routine appointment on March 26th but met with his wife, who was doing the follow up appointments...

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