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  • You find out who your friends are


    This surgery not only changes your life, it also proves who truly is a genuine "friend". I have had multiple male friends stop talking to me because I am no longer (in their words) "Big and ...

  • Enjoy Life Today!

    Cassandra B.

    Life is a blessing, and your blessing is that you woke up this morning! Be thankful for that, and all that you have been given.  Life is time to continue to be angry at people, ...

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  • Enjoying the Day!


    I can't believe what a great day it is. Sunny and warm. I enjoyed being outside for a bit. I'm taking it easy today. I think I tried to do too much yesterday. I'm sore today and have a littl...

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  • Plastic surgery!! :)

    Janine Greenwood

    It's been YEARS since I have posted on OH. I am back and I hope to stay. I need to get back into this all the support and knowledge of others is the key for me! I am so excited to say I wil...

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  • wow, where have i been?


    All over! With my "new" body and energy I've been parasailing in Hawaii, skiing in New Mexico, Theme park rides at Disney, 5 star dining where the food is the size of quarters and they make ...

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