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  • Links to DS Studies

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  • 4 years and 1 month post surgery


    So, if you are wondering if this operation is worth it and if you can keep the weight off. The answer is yes, but it is up to you. I lost a total of 152 lbs. Because of a back injury about o...

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  • Midweek Review

    Amber K.

    So it's been a bit since I updated (I've been busy) but today I'm feel healthy and energized. I'm at 22 lbs lost total so far (So another 7 pounds since my last post) and I've found that the...

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  • 6 yrs post op...


    So it's been 6.5 yrs since I had the RNY. Since then, soooooo much has happened. I haven't posted ANYTHING on here in yrs. But while speaking with a co-worker regarding weight loss surgery, ...

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  • Eight Years Later!

    Clyde C.

    I have not been on here for over seven years! I am proud to say that I am a successful Lap Band patient.  A few ups and downs but I have maintained my weight loss. Gave my daughter a call ...

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