Before & After VSG with Corinne, losing 70 pounds & 50+ inches!

Why I Decided To Have WLS I always knew that my body shape was different than anyone else in my family, but I never thought my weight or my body image would become an issue for me. I seemed to mature (develop) at a younger age than most girls in my elementary classes.  It wasn’t until about the ...

My Pregnancy After Weight Loss Surgery: Two Healthy Babies!

I had the Duodenal Switch in 2012. I am a busy working wife and the mom of two little boys, ages 3 a...

How Do You Handle Receiving Compliments After Bariatric Surgery?

After surgery, we're thrilled to have lost weight, improved our health, and have more self-esteem. W...
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  • Trying to get through a revision surgery


    In 1992, I was desperate to find an answer to my obesity. At that time I had been on every diet known to man. I had yo yo dieted for so many years and had worked my way up to 250lbs. I grew ...

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  • almost 7 months out

    lucille C.

    Hello friends. Well summer is gone and it was nice. Im at 214 lbs and im doing well. Ive come a long way lost a total of 80 lbs. I believe its going slow but at least its going. I can eat an...

  • Home


    So surgery was 9/13/17 due to nausea and vomiting i was released 9/16/17. I've been home alone struggling to get my protein in as this nausea is horrible.  But I'm happy to report i barely f...

  • In (kind of) maintenance


    so my last blog update had me in maintenance with a healthy body fat and a pound range of 140-150.  My body as decided otherwise.  In the past few months I have dropped further weight and ga...

  • Surgery Postponed after starting Opti


    I know it has taken me a while for this update but I was completely shocked and upset when I got the call that I was no longer eligible for surgery. I was already on day 3 of Opti Fast! Don'...

  • PCP PreOp


    Boy, time is flying by. I just realized today is exactly two weeks from my surgery. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. Had my PCP PreOp appointment today, she said all is well. I am i...

  • Post-Seminar Update


    Hello, hello! Well, Wednesday was the day of the seminar. I was really hoping to make it back on that night to give an update, but I had to go to classes for 5 hours, then drive 2 hours away...

  • Went to my first appointment


    So I went to my first pre op appointment.My doctor discussed the surgery,my medical history we done another ekg.I spoke with my nutritionist sampled a few protein shakes (The injury was terr...

  • My Final Support Group


    I went to my last support group and I'm done with. This time around there was three WLS patients telling us their experience and answering questions. I really liked it. I will be going back....

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  • My Final Psychological Evaluation


    SO I had my final evaluation this week and got cleared for surgery. Dr. said he feels I would benefit from surgery and I couldn't agree more. I am so happy. I was called from my surgeoms off...

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