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  • Feeling sad


    Hi all. I am having a rough day and just need to vent.  I have lost a little over 200 pounds from my highest weight about a year ago, and about 80 pounds since surgery in January. I am happy...

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  • On to Switch


    Was notified yesterday that GI doctor had given approval to proceed with the duodenal switch. Case is being submitted to insurance and am hoping for surgery by mid summer. Have had several d...

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  • Cake


    Ok I am almost three weeks post op and I had a very small bite of cake.  Ohhhh it tasted so good!!  But I didn't indulge any more, knowing I'm still in weight loss mode.  Surprisingly my pou...

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  • Summing up June 2016


    This month came and whoa is it ever gone waaaaay toooooo fast!!!!  I turned 35 yesterday.  Do I feel like I'm 35?  Heck no!  I'm as immature as I was when I was 12 and my body is in better s...

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  • Revision from Lap Band to RNY Pre-op Diet


    I will start my 12 day liquid protein diet on July 5th.  Has anyone else takent the Bariatric Advantage Protein Meal Replacements.  My surgery is sheduled for July 18th and I'm wondering how...

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  • 6/29/16

    Pat R.

    Nutritional and Psychological evals. completed. Upper GI series and EKG scheduled! Next step is getting the pre-op appointment.  Yay!  Let's pray that the phrase "third time's the charm" hol...

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  • Sloooow...


    ***280 lbs.*** One pound. Meh. Not sure how this is different from regular weight loss. With the amount I have to lose, this is going to take forever. Is this normal for 10 yrs after surgery...

  • Back on track


    As I approached my third surgiversary, I posted about struggling. I am hoping to be past the worst of it now. Since that post, there have definitely been added life stressors, and there alwa...

  • 9 years


    I can't believe next month will be 9 years since I had my WLS. My lowest weight was 153 lbs then I gained 20 lbs and have been stuck at 174 for the last few years. I started the 5 day pouch ...

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  • Big box checked ... planning ahead!


    So... I got 2 notices from the insurance this week. First one said they needed more information from the Dr in order to complete their review.  The one a day later said I have been approved!...

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