Before & After VSG with ItsTimeNow99, losing 101 pounds!

Why I Decided To Have WLS Weight had been a struggle for me all my life. It became the norm for me to lose and then gain back what I had lost and more. There was always a reason for unhealthy or excessive eating. Reasons such as school schedules, work schedules, marriage, divorce, kids, emotional s...

Transforming Thoughts to Escape Emotional Eating After WLS

Patients who pursue weight loss surgery are motivated by common factors such as eliminating medicati...

OH2018 Friday Sessions & Speakers!

Announcing the OH2018 Friday Sessions & Speakers We are thrilled to announce the OH2018 Friday ...
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  • Pure Forskolin weight loss 50 pounds


    The main issue is, you need to discover one that works for you. As simple as it is to discover a weight reduction eating regimen program, it's similarly as simple to come up short at it and ...

  • Getting Started


    Today I received my approval letter from BCBS approving my procedure and I'm happy, afraid, and beyond ready. So tired of all the pain that just wont go away.  Need to get with my Surgeons o...

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  • It's pretty disconcerting...


    ...that I came to this place, searching for hope and understanding but I ended up finding photos and memes that insult, tear down, harm, mock, and ridicule fat people. The people here are, o...

  • 14 months Out

    lucille C.

    Hello friends. Im doing well this spring. Weight loss has been slow and at a stall lately. HW 307 SW 294 CW 192 GW 168. Ive been fluxuating 5 lbs up and down for the past month plus. Im stil...

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  • Seminar


    Attended the bariatric surgery seminar on 4/19/2018 and am very impressed by the surgeon.  Will be calling to schedule my consultation tomorrow.  ...

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  • Gardening to lose weight


    Not much has been going on. I started a job with a new company so I have been busy with that. I decided to do every other week measurements for the winter since we were not doing much of any...

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  • Scared


    This is so new to this all just got new insurance so I can get vsg So I got first appointment at the doctor don’t know what happens after that can any one help out....

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  • Update since 2014

    Barb H.

    Not much going on here. Let myself go for a bit and got back up to 217 last fall, my size 16 jeans were getting too tight, so along with my husband, got back on track and started going high ...

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  • 11 1/2 years post op


    What a crazy life we lead.  I can't believe how long it's been since I made the best health decision of my life!  I've had a couple bumps in the road, but couldn't be happier. I maintained m...

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  • Here we go again


    I have felt like a failure for so long.  I did really good for a long time.  But I have failed,  my body has failed.  I quit smoking,  I got remarried after a horrible 1st marriage and divor...

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