Avoid Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery With This Technique

When you start down on the road toward bariatric surgery, you are likely given direction by your physicians or surgeons to make some behavioral changes prior to surgery. They put you on a diet and tell you to start an exercise routine to show that you can do it. The thought of having to avoid weight...

Before & After Gastric Sleeve with Michael C., losing 106 pounds!

My Struggles With Obesity and Losing Weight Being only 35 years old, I was on a dangerous path and ...

After WLS, What To Do When Your Mind Is Hungrier Than Your Stomach

Let’s go through a scenario that might sound and ‘feel’ familiar. Scenario of How Your Mind Gets Hu...
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  • Stall


    I think I've hit my first stall for the last week I've been fluctuating between 345 and 343. Today I'm 344 ugh. This sucks!  I know its common was just hoping it wouldn't happen so soon afte...

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  • challenges


    On the positive, i'm down 49.5 pounds and it hasn't even been 2 months post op!  On the negative, I have elevated AST and ALT (liver enzymes) and spent the day in the ER to find i have fatty...

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  • What vitamins do I really need...?


    I am a very scientifically minded person and I apply that philosophy (if you want to call it that) to every area of my life. Since I am having VSG surgery in August I have been researching w...

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  • Blurp vs Vomit


    In the past, as in before surgery I would have said a blurp was a hiccup/burp with a hint of acid reflux. NOW I define it as a throwing up. Yes, Blurp is the new 1.4-syllable word for post o...

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  • Is it too soon? Q&A


    JenniferAshley: "Can I ask what happened/how fast you moved through the phases? The booklet my surgeon gave me says that I can start trying "soft foods" 7-10 days after I am released from th...

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  • 1 week before surgiversary


    So here I am one week before my one year out.  Still some work to do but excited still to have made this change in my life.  Grateful for the love and support my family and friends have give...

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  • Revision Rny to Rny


    Good Day,   After 18 yrs of successful weight loss I am visiting a surgeon for possible revision due to abdominal pain, acid reflux and weight gain. I went for a enterscopy today and will me...

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  • Surgeon denied VSG for Bypass...here's why:


    Although I began this journey in October 2016, it is all becoming a reality today. Through the pre-op process I have been pursuing the Verticle Sleeve Gastrectomy  or VSG. I felt the VSG was...

  • Funk, Funkin' Funk


    As my dear fans have observed I started out with such an awesome bang and then disappeared. Well, I'm back. I'd love to tell ya I was too busy out living a wonderful life to be bothered with...

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  • Super cold


    i had my sleeve surgery on Monday 6/19/2017.  Had an issue with anesthetic and my heart rate. However I came home Tuesday. Ever since surgery my nose, feet and hands are like ice cubes. I al...

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