Can Bariatric Surgery Really Resolve My Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is an extremely common public health problem present in 2% to 4% of the general population. It has been linked to the development of hypertension and is a risk factor for the incidental development of stroke, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, and atrial...

Before & After RNY with WintersParadox, losing 225 lbs!

Why I Decided to Have WLS Let me tell you, the struggle is real. My entire life I have struggled wi...

8 Tips for My Family & Friends To Understand WLS

Choosing to have WLS is not an easy decision. Usually, it is the last choice when nothing else has w...
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  • Denied


    Hello I'm a newbie however I've been reading the blog for a few months now and it's been very helpful. I palnned to sign up once I had my VSG surgery date but I'm so disappointed yesterday I...

  • 7 years!

    Christopher B.

    Greetings dear OH friends... I have been on the weight roller we all have been and now I am very encouraged on a new journey. I have been plateaud at about 250 for past 2 years ...

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  • Ten Months Out


    Yeah, ten months out from surgery and I feel and look like an entirely different person.   I have never been as active as I am in my life.   I have never felt this attractive in my life.   I...

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  • Optifast Day 1 - *yuck*


    Ok, it is back to kindergarten and someone has just dared me to eat the glue - anybody else have this same flashback. I tried the vanilla, 6 ice cubes, 300 ml of cold water whipped to death ...

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  • 7 Weeks Post Op, down 58 Lbs since starting Opti


    I had a slow weight loss week this week; only down 2.4 Lbs. I'm down 58 Lbs altogether since my pre op diet though, so that's pretty good for 10 weeks (since Opti started).  I think so, anyw...

  • 1 month anniversary

    Stargazer Lily

    OK....I still regret surgery a tad bit. I have to be honest. I hate food now. The smell of any food makes me want to chuck up. I am on a soft food diet right now. Its not easy trying to find...

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  • Tomorrow is Optifast Day 1


    So here we go, 6 boxes of Optifast sit on my dining room table. 4 Vanilla, 2 chocolate. Beside it sit decaf coffee, lemons and a few extract flavours to try including: Maple, French Vanilla ...

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  • More on dad. just a little wee vent.


    I am going through with the surgery. i asked my father and mother if they were ok with it. the reason i blog this is that i feel like i am never going to get through to them, especailly my m...

  • Date Set


    Talked to the doctor and we scheduled the surgery for the 4th of April.  I will be off the rest of that week, we have spring break the next week and I should be back (God Willing) on the 18t...

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  • First time here


    This is my first time posting for a support group and i am on a journey to lose weight and i was recommended weight loss surgery duodenal switch so i am trying to get as much support due to ...