5 Tips For Moving Past Obese Thinking After WLS

Obesity isn't just a physical disease, it's a mental and emotional disease as well. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), obese individuals are more vulnerable to the obesity-depression cycle. Obese individuals can experience discrimination, bullying as a result of their weig...

OH2017 Meet & Greet Costume Party: Pics, Prizes, and Fun

On Friday nights at the ObesityHelp National Conferences, we always love to have time dedicated to c...

Getting Myself Back After WLS

The title is a little bit misleading because I was never really lost. I wasn't really getting myself...
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  • Weight and Measurements


    Highest Weight 325lbs   09-30-17; Starting weight - 315lb - (-10lbs)   09-21-17; weight - 287lb - (-28lbs)   10-31-17; Measurements; - Belly - 54, Hips - 59, chest - 50, R. Arm - 1...

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  • 12/10/2017

    Pat R.

    So happy to have has a loss this past month, even if it's only 0.8 lb. Tried to stay on plan, but the drive to Florida from RI with my parents left very few good choices!! Usually stress mak...

  • Fun Begins


    Today I started my 10 Day pre-Op diet. I had this one for breakfast to try it. I did not like this stuff at all. It was like drinking a thick, foamy, pudding that wasn't set. For my second d...

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  • Just wanna document


    Today's Saturday. I had VSG Wednesday. Some of the things I have learned, and like everyone on here will tell you, everyone is different. So this is my experience so far. The preop diet is d...

  • More Introductions


    Greetings All,  I am still new to all of this and I am learning to post and read the forums etc. Let,  introduce myself further. I am Lisa-Marie Perkins-Williams, I am turning 37 years old o...

  • Meeting with Surgeon next month


    I haven’t been nervous during this process but now I’m starting to get nervous. I meet with the surgeon next month, and it’s like WOW I am almost to the end of the 6th month program. I was w...

  • 44 Weeks Post Op RNY; I BEAT Obesity!


    I am so happy!  I stepped on the scales this morning and weighed 174.6, which is a 1.6 Lb loss for the week, and a 129.4 Lb loss all together, and my BMI is now within the OVERWEIGHT range! ...

  • Goal Met


    I achieved my goal some months ago.  7 years out.  My weight ranges from 119-123.  I would never have thought it was possible 7 years later I would be saying that.  However I met my goal in ...

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  • Failure


    So I am 3 years out and I have failed my surgery and myself. I am at 236 now and I am heartbroken by this. I have wasted all my doctors time and money. In all honesty I should have stayed fa...

  • One Year Surgiversary 12/06/2017


    Wow!!!!! I can't believe its been one year already. VSG was one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. I feel that I have accomplished a lot, but I still have some additional posit...