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  • VSG in Tijuana Mexico day 2


    Well, I did it, this is two days post-op. My is, Dr Jaime Ponce De Leon, at INT Hospital. The entire staff was great. I suggest you have a friend of family member who speak Spanish to contac...

  • Unfounded fears


    I keep surprising myself. I've never been good at sticking with stuff like a diet or weight loss. It would have been pretty obvious, since I found myself in a position to need WLS. I have al...

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  • Winding Down the School Year!


    2 1/2 weeks of middle school left for the year and I have to say, wow, time flies each and every day as we get older.  I feel like it was the first day of school yesterday.  I have mixed fee...

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  • Post op day 4


    Hi everyone              I figured i would give an update because some people asked on my blog but i cannot seem to respond cant figure it out..maybe because ive been using my phone not my c...

  • Goals


    Just going to stick with small goals like make it out of 300 then 200's I'm not really sure what is really relistic as everyone is a different person and they go at different levels. For me ...

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  • Feeling tired


    I have no energy today but I managed to get out of the house and get my hair done....

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  • 368.8

    Alexcia Gilchrist

    Under the 370's and closer to pre-regain weight of 350ish. It feels good. I can move more but the shoulder injury slowed me down, but still losing a little each week. I hoe to walk every oth...

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  • Has anyone submitted info for


    approval to have your insurance pay for Premier Protein? The form asks for all of your personal information and I'm a little hesitant....

  • Got my POOL


    Bought a house. Has a pool. It's warm here. So I got in and because of my weight loss, I can get on the ladder with 300 lb capacity and I got out too. been exercising like Katie and Lauren a...

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  • Insurance Anxiety


    Hi my name is Brandy. I am looking forward to getting approved for weight loss surgery. Tomorrow is my last day of 90 days medically supervised diet. I have a lot of anxiety because I have a...

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