Before & After VSG (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy) with Sherry, losing 215 pounds!

Why I decided to have WLS I’ve struggled with writing my story down on paper for some time now, why... because it makes it real. But after many months and lots of gut checking moments, I decided that “my story” needed to be told. As a child, I was never heavy. Actually, I was probably too skinny...

What You Need to Know About Preoperative Testing for Bariatric Surgery

The decision to start the weight loss surgery process can be difficult. You may feel overwhelmed, ex...

So, You’ve Transformed Your Body…Now What?

Congratulations, you have accomplished something that takes courage, determination, and discipline a...
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  • Week 1 post op


    I'm feeling so much better than those first 3 days!  I'm getting close to the fluid and protein goals and walking around 7000 steps a day.  Today is the first day I've had about 70cc's of wa...

  • Hungry


    I am so hungry. I feel like I'm starving.  I have no energy and i just can't eat enough to hold me over..... Its such an odd feeling to eat 2 teaspoons of anything and be full and then 2 hrs...

  • Entry #2: Day 26 Post-Op


    It has been almost four weeks since my Gastric Sleeve. I'm still struggling with nausea, but my doctor prescribed a ten-day regimen of nausea shots that seem to be working. Protein intake is...

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  • What a ride!!

    Stargazer Lily

    I'm 190 pounds now.  I feel amazing.  Although I currently have colitis for the first time. It's painful.   I do not regret my surgery.  I am more aware of what I eat and how I care for myse...

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  • update 5.22.17


    It's been a while. I drink 16-20oz of water every morning before I get out of bed. I get on the scale every single day, first thing in the morning, before I get dressed or eat. Currently I w...

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  • first blog post! May 2017


    So I started looking into weight loss surgery in March 2017.  Jumped through all of the hoops for the insurance company and Once it was all submitted to Blue Cross Blue Shield last week it w...

  • Regain Loss Plan, Week 20


    Weight 285.4  Gained 3lbs,,,,,yep, fell off the wagon again   Total loss of 37.8 lbs. Chest 39  loss -.5 inches, total loss -7.5 inches Waist 40 inches, gained .5 inch, total loss - 13 inche...

  • Pureed Food day 3


    What i have learned is i love food puree or solid i just love food.... Made the kids parmesan chicken and mini potatoes in the oven yesterday and blended it but it didn't agree with me. I le...

  • 2 weeks 2 days post op


    Its been a crazy recovery for me.  Been in and out of the hospital as I've not been well. I have been dehydrated, in tremendous pain and developed pancreatitis.  Despite everything i have be...

  • 8 and 1/2 weeks out

    Cynthia W.

    So, I waited to post again because other than weight loss, there is not a lot to report at this time. I am down 45 pounds already. Amazing! I feel great, take my vitamins and make sure that ...

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