21 Reasons To Have Weight Loss Surgery

 21 Reasons To Have Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery saves and changes lives in countless ways.  Here are 21 great reasons why OH members say they are considering or have had WLS:

  1. Reversal of Type 2 diabetes
  2. Better quality of life
  3. You will live longer
  4. Freedom/mobility
  5. Reduction or elimination of sleep apnea symptoms
  6. Reduction or elimination of acid reflux
  7. Decreased joint pain
  8. Improved blood pressure
  9. Self-esteem booster
  10. Healthier lifestyle















11.  Improved fertility
12.  You will fit!  Fit in booths, fit in airplane seats!  You will fit!
13.  You can cross your legs
14.  You can enjoy family activities again
15.  You can ride a roller coaster
16.  You can exercise easier
17.  You will have more energy
18.  You can enjoy sexual positions that you were not able to when you were obese
19.  You can buy a new wardrobe
20.  You will save money on food
21.  People will notice you for the right reasons

What are some of your reasons for wanting or having weight loss surgery?