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5 Healthy Travel Tips

March 18, 2014

Vacation season is approaching, here are some healthy travel tips to keep in mind to avoid the unexpected interrupting your trip.

Stay Hydrated — Water is even more important for our bodies when traveling. It is important to drink plenty of water before, during and after traveling. Hydration is even more important when traveling to warmer climates, increase outdoor activities, and traveling on airplanes. Carry a reusable water bottle and refill often to save money.

Move Your Feet - Being cramped in a car or on an airplane can negatively impact the health of your legs. Move as often as you can. Plan frequent rest stops during road trips, or walk the aisle on the airplane. When unable to get up and walk, do simple ankle flexes to stimulate blood circulation in your legs.

Medication - Pack several extra days supply of medication in case you are away longer than expected. It is recommended that you travel with prescription medication in the original bottle. This will also help if you find you need an emergency refill while traveling. Many nationwide pharmacies such will assist if you need medication refilled while away from home. Also, be sure to pack some over the counter medication for common ailments such as upset stomach.

Healthy Eating - Planning is key to making good food choices while traveling. When traveling by car pack a cooler with drinks and sliced fruits and vegetables. Plan a stop at a scenic location for a picnic lunch verses dining at a restaurant. TIP: Use frozen bottles of water as your ice in the cooler, then as the bottles melt you have chilled water ready to drink and stay hydrated.

Insurance - Make sure you have a copy of your current health insurance card when traveling. If planning travel to another country check if you have international coverage. Additional travel insurance can be purchased to cover accidents, medical emergencies, and medical transportation while traveling.



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