Before After RNY in 2001 with Tschoonmaker losing 149 pounds

Before & After RNY with Tschoonmaker, losing 149 pounds!

August 8, 2017

I have struggled with my weight all my life, I had my children at a very young age and could not lose the weight. So I started checking into weight loss surgery. Once I decided to do it, I made sure it was a tool and not a miracle cure. After 15 years after my surgery, I can't eat large quantities and I am blessed to not have stretched out my pouch. I was able to lose my weight very quickly by watching calories and being mindful of my intake.

I had a tummy tuck before a year had passed and I was down to 125 by May of 2002. That was amazing and made a big difference. I started at a size 26/28 and I now wear a size 3/5. I joined the Navy in 2003 and I am an E6 loving my new life!

Before & After RNY with Tschoonmaker

OH Username: Tschoonmaker
Surgery Type: RNY Gastric bypass
Surgery Date:  2001
Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Clarke
Weight Lost: 149 pounds

I was very focused with losing weight once I had the surgery, I was down to 103 and my doctor actually told me I had 30 days to gain weight or he was putting me in the hospital. I lost all my weight in less than a year! I had always wanted to join the military so losing all that weight made my dream possible, I have been able to do things I never dreamed possible.

Before & After RNY with Tschoonmaker

I have been to trainings such as Combat Life Saving, Convoy Ops, Survival training, Land Navigation, Detainee Ops, Security Reaction Force, and more. Things as an overweight person I never would have survived, the heat alone would have killed me not including the hiking and all the extra gear we carried.

I don’t know about other Gastric Bypass patients but I still can't eat very much. For me, 1/2 of a sandwich is too much, and I have a really hard time with raw veggies which I love. Also, sugar tears up my stomach. I consider my surgery as a blessing in my life, I did see a change in my attitude a bit, I seem a little more feisty. All in all, I'm a very happy person! I have 2 grandchildren that I adore, and I get to run around with them play in ball pits and climb through tubes at the bounce house. I am loving life and everything it has to offer me!

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