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Before & After RNY with SabrinaB62

Before & After RNY with SabrinaB62

Why I Decided to Have WLS Like most, I was ALWAYS heavy. Throughout my early childhood and forward, I was always the kid who got picked on, called horrible names, chosen last for team sports…never went to high school dances and didn’t even get asked to my Senior Prom. After high school and for the […]

Before & After Gastric Sleeve with Erin Flannigan-Nieves

Before & After Gastric Sleeve with Erin!

My Struggles With Obesity and Losing Weight Never call a girl fat. You’ll never know how far she’ll go to see the opposite of that. I finally started to realize in second grade I was different from everyone else. I realized the girls in my class were all wearing Limited Too and I was stuck […]

before afterr rny with leah

Before & After RNY with Leah, losing 123 pounds!

Things worth obtaining are not necessarily easy. Every day I give thanks for the life-changing and health-providing surgery I had 15 years ago. Never did I imagine that life would look like this. Being rolled into the operating room at 270 pounds, I vividly remember asking God to allow this procedure to be successful after […]

Before & After Revision from Lap-Band to RNY

Before & After Revision from Lap-Band to RNY with Erin

I started gaining weight after college.  It did not become a real issue until after I had my son.  Every time I stepped on the scale, the number just kept getting higher and higher.  I had diabetes and I was only able to control by taking insulin four times a day. I had a young […]

before after vsg alan

Before & After VSG with Alan, losing 165 pounds!

My Weight Struggles My story of weight loss is a long one. It started in 1987 when I had ACL surgery and developed a staph infection in my knee and as a result had six knee surgeries and was off work for six months and gained over 100 pounds. I tried multiple diets and even […]

before after vsg with dennis bruno

Before & After RNY with Dennis, losing 147 pounds!

I have struggled with excess weight since the first grade. I come from an Italian heritage, so portion size was always supersize. I was very active in school, participating in wrestling and lacrosse, which kept me from looking my actual weight but after graduation, I started to pack the weight on. I had success with […]

Before After RNY Gastric Bypass

Before & After Gastric Bypass RNY with Kevin, losing 220lbs!

Celebrating Kevin’s Before & After Gastric Bypass RNY Journey! I’ve been struggling with my weight since elementary school. I was the fat kid; the fat teenager and then became the fat adult. I tried Weight Watchers, Adkins, Slim Fast and several other diets. The weight would come off only to come back again. For years, […]

before after gastric bypass rny hsmcc1

Before & After Gastric Bypass RNY with Hsmcc1

Celebrating Hsmcc1’s Journey Before & After Gastric Bypass RNY! Ten years has passed since my Gastric Bypass RNY surgery, and it seems so unreal! How did I reach this point in my journey? Why was I successful? The questions swirl in my head, but the answers are not what you think. After many years of […]

before after gastric bypass with skotti

Before & After Gastric Bypass with Skotti, losing 202 pounds

Celebrating Skotti’s Before & After Gastric Bypass Journey! I was always a “big boned” boy growing up. Yes, not fat, big boned. At least people meant well when they said that to me. One thing that I realized from an early age in elementary school is that I was bigger than other kids but didn’t […]

mourning food redo

Mourning Food: Sabrina Shares Her Personal Struggle

I’m a planner, ready for anything. In August 2015, I was ready for my new lease on life. I thought I knew everything possible about RNY Gastric Bypass and my necessary post-op eating plan. I had a plan…or so I thought. Immediately after my RNY, I didn’t want to eat anything. “Sip, sip, sip” was […]