Finding a little HOPE at ObesityWeek!

November 14, 2013

Bo is having the time of his life at Obesity Week 2013 (#OW2013)! He got to meet Barrett Brooks, the Former Offensive Tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not only did he get to meet him, he got to wear his super bowl ring! Barrett is part of really amazing initiatives in the weight loss surgery and health world and ObesityHelp was really honored to have him stop by our booth.

Like so many of us, Barrett knows what it is like to struggle with his weight and co-morbidities such as early stage diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. Barrett went back and forth between 430 and 450 pounds and consulted with a specialist to decide which surgery type would be the right surgery treatment for him.  Barrett opted for gastric sleeve - his hypertension, diabetes, joint strain and sleep apnea are now resolved!

"I didn't take the easy way out; I took the living way out. My quality of life is better now because I took the initiative to go out and get this surgery." - Barrett Brooks 

Barrett Brooks is an ambassador for The HOPE program, where he encourages others to take control of their weight. The HOPE (Heart, Obesity, Prevention, Education) Program is a partnership between Covidien, the NFL Players Association and the Living Heart Foundation. The goal of the HOPE Program is to make it easier for anyone struggling with obesity to get the information and tools they need to treat their disease.