Friday Speaker: Dan Benintendi

Dan Benintendi had been obese since his early 20's. He steadily put on 10-20 pounds a year and struggled to try to get it off each year. He weighed 400 pounds with 59% body fat and had limited mobility due to his weight. Dan decided to change his life and had RNY Gastric Bypass with Dr. David Kim on January 14, 2008.

Since surgery, Dan now weighs 215 pounds with 12% body fat! He has also had reconstructive surgery to remove excess skin. Dan went from a sedentary lifestyle to a four-time 140.6-mile Ironman Triathalon finisher, as well as an Ultra Distance Runner. Dan's longest run has been 164 continuous-miles!

Dan has pushed through many roadblocks on his journey, as well as taken the time to discover his self-worth and happiness. His hope is to inspire even a single person to become the best version of themselves!

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Workshop Session 3A: Friday 3:00pm – 3:50pm, International Ballroom III

WLS & Living a Realistic Life; Keeping Roadblocks in Perspective

Join Dan as he shares his personal journey and openly discusses all facets of life that weight loss surgery may impact. In this session, Dan will share practical tools and insights that helped him to set proper expectations and goals when navigating life's roadblocks.