I'm back!!!! Almost 4 years!

on 12/16/08 12:59 pm - Pharr, TX
FobiPouch on 01/19/05 with
I decided to visit the board tonight for the first time in a year. In a nut shell, sick mom, sicker MIL, new house, new school for kids, new businesses, busy, busy, busy.
I have put on 40 lbs. and hate how I look and feel. I am shopping in Lane Bryant again for bras.
My hubby has put on even more weight, but he won't admit it.
I got a used stationary bike to exercise on, but haven't tried it yet. Maybe tomorrow.
I eat too fast, too much, and get pain afterwards.  I yawn like crazy, have nausea, and cramping.
Oh, yeah....and I am going through MENOPAUSE, TOO!!!!!
Could be worse, I suppose. My children are my blessing. They are perfect.
Seasons Greetings all!
on 1/13/09 12:47 pm - Wichita Falls, TX
Okay - I have to confess as well to someone ... even if you never read this.  I too have gained 40 lbs and feel like HOW in the world did I allow that to happen.  I was 143 and now 184 and I'm crazy.  I've been at 184 for almost a year but still ... why did allow it?  I know I still look good but I want to look and feel GREAT again like I did at 143.  The doctor did not want me at 143 but at one 150 I quickly accomodated his request and before I realized it I was at 160 and then ....  Today is my 43rd birthday and I of course took some time to assess my life today and I am hopeful that I'll kick myself in the butt and get back to some good habits at the gym and avoid the potatoe chips and snack foods I crave that go crunch crunch crunch.

Oh thanks for your confession.
on 4/27/09 6:57 am - Pharr, TX
FobiPouch on 01/19/05 with
I finally read it! They say misery loves company. Well, we company good here!  I am going to try the 5 day pouch test. I started today. No liquids with food thirty minutes before or after either. No caffeine, and only protein shakes to start. In a day or two I will add sashimi and tuna and then beef jerky. Protein! No eating out for a week and then only sashimi. AND I have to eat it in 15 minutes. as much as I want then DONE! That is supposed to help you feel the pouch again. I started exercising today and I feel good. Tonight I am walking with the kids. Hang in there.

BTW, things that go crunch can also be ice chips(my dentist is having a cow right now)
on 4/27/09 8:59 am - Wichita Falls, TX
Hey - time goes fast.  Well here it is end of April and I'm still the same -but haven't tried to change - my fault totally.  I stress eat and I realize it ... so realizing it now after weight loss has help to a point.  I purposely don't do it as often as I want to.  I haven't gained nor lost.  I did join a work weigh in group - but that is all we do is weigh in and who ever looses the closest to 10% of their body weight wins all the money.  Maybe money will motivate me.
I work for the gov't and we just went through a RIF.  I was one that gets to keep their job so hopefully the stress eating will slow down.

I am unfamilar with the 5 day pouch test-but can relate to putting ourselves on a time out.   That is what my doc calls it where you do only liquids. What is sashimi??? 
on 1/22/09 12:12 am - Reedsville, WV
Hang in there!  I know what you're going through as we're dealing with my MIL's health issues and doing more caretaking for her.  Plus, I'm going to lose my job at the end of the year and will have to try and find something new in this horrible economy and job market!  And yeah, I've gained back close to 20 pounds so need to get serious about exercising again and stopping the snacking & stress eating.  Guess food will always be an issue for us, but we can do this! 

Take care!

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