Anyone had Lap-Band?

on 2/1/06 1:43 pm - Centralia, IL
I live near St. Louis, MO and have been doing a little research on the Lap-Band surgery and would love to hear from anyone or everyone that has any input whatsoever about the surgery! I have had friends that have had the gastric bypass surgery itself, but I would like something less invasive like the lap-band (I think!) This is my first time to the site, so correct me please if I am not posting correctly! Looking forward to your input!
Melissa A.
on 2/2/06 7:39 am - Long Beach, CA
I went into my consultation wanting the lap band and left deciding on gastric bypass. The difference in average results is staggering: 50% average weight loss with the lap band and 80% average weight loss with bypass. I didn't want to go through all of this and have a good chance of only losing 50%, that wouldn't even take me under 200! The reason I was leaning towards the lap band is because it's supposed to be less invasive, but I decided I wasn't comfortable with a foreigh object inside my body for the rest of my life that needs adjustments. The thought became a little creepy to me. Good luck with the tough decisions you need to make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on 2/2/06 9:13 pm - Lowell, MA
Hi... I'm getting "banded" on the 7th!!! I can't wait! I have done a lot of research and I decided on the band because it is less invasive, and there is no radical changing of my anatomy. And as far as the difference in the percentage of weight loss does lose more sooner...but after 5years both have the same results. For me personally the band is the way to go....but you shoud do your research and soul what's right for you!! Michelle C.
Claire S.
on 2/3/06 10:38 am - Baltimore County, MD
I am having lap band surgery on the 8th and I too can't wait. The band is considered safer and is 100% reversible should complications arise. Recovery time is also shorter. Please post this question on the lap band forum board of OH and you will get even more helpful information from experienced bandsters. Good luck on your decision!
on 2/14/06 1:12 pm - Centralia, IL
How are you doing? I have been looking forward to hearing from you! Hope you are doing great! Thanks!
on 2/14/06 1:10 pm - Centralia, IL
Soooooooooooooooooooooooo.....tell me everything....don't leave out a detail! By the way-has anyone had the lap-band surgery in St. Louis, MO? Hope you are doing well! I am so excited to hear from you!
on 2/5/06 10:27 pm - Commerce, TX
Hi Michelle, I was banded 2/3 and I'm a nurse, the day I got my band the Doctor did 2 other nurses as well. We discussed it and each had different reasons for choosing the less invasive lap-band. I chose it among other reasons because I have a friend with a naturally occuring malabsorption disorder and I didn't want a surgery that would mimic the pain and weakness I've watched her suffer. Having scaried you with that now let me say I chose to be banded and am looking forward to the amazing changes I am about to under go. Do your research and choose the surgery that's right for you, I work with a nurse who had RNY, she has had complications, but continues to be thrilled with the results. Whatever you choose, do something. This is both a quality and quantity of life issue. Good luck, Tammy
on 2/6/06 9:34 pm - Bel Air, MD
Shelley, the lap band procedure is less evasive, but I don't think the aftercare is. My best suggestion is to keep researching the other options and pick the one as a WHOLE that would work best for you. You're bound to get a ton of people telling you how great the LB is and hopefully it worked great for them. But there are also people out there that had the LB and have had several complications with the weight loss and the fills, not to mention the expenses. Some things I've never heard supporters tell people are that the fills are not always covered by insurance and they are a couple hundred dollars each time. Some people get fills every month. I know 3 women and 2 men who have had to go for various testing just to find the port for the fill and they ALL say it's painfull, yet they were ALL told it wasn't so bad by supporters. It's great to have support but not when it hides facts you might need to know. The weight loss is much slower and the food you are able to eat are the same as you are eating now, which in my opinion, is not a tool that would benefit future weight loss. Let's be honest, if you could loose weight by eating everything you are now, you wouldn't be here contemplating surgery for weight loss. The LB is ONLY a restrictive method of weight loss and does nothing to train your body to eat right in the future. However, there are people who only need to eat less, so if your one of those people, and your schedule permits you to run around getting tests and fills every month or so, and you have the money, then this might be your best option. Just look into other options before making a final decision. Go to the LB forums and read profiles of people that are a year or more post op. Compare those profiles to those of people who have had RNY and are a year or more post op. Look at the differences in recovery, aftercare, weightloss, etc. Good Luck with your decision, no one knows you better than you.
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