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on 4/18/08 4:52 am - Canada
Hello Everyone ... I'm new here and I am looking for any information available to me. I got my doctor's referral to the Weight Wise program about a year ago. I just received my letter for the orientation at the Royal Alec hospital. I'd like to hear from anyone who has been through the program regarding what steps are next after the two hour orientation. It's been a year since my initial referral to the program and I'm wondering how much longer the process takes from orientation to the actual surgical procedure. Up to this point it has been difficult getting information on the program - perhaps after the orientation this will change. Denise
on 4/21/08 4:29 am - Canada
Hi Denise, I waited alittle over a year to get in the clinic and have been going since Sept 2006. I really can't remeber to much about the 1st appointment. I have a surgery date of May 20th and that is because I postponed my first date which should have been tomorrow. (April 22nd) I will tell you, follow everything they tell you and track all your food. Don't miss any appointments and lose weight. You do need to show that you can lose if not maintain for the time you are at the clinic. You will see a dietican around every 6 weeks and she will want to see your food records etc. You will need to buy a pedometer and get up to 10,000 steps a day. Everyone is really nice there. Don't be discouarged about waiting close to another year, you will be a step a head of alot of people and your foot in the door! Good luck! Tammy
on 4/22/08 2:45 am - Canada
Thanks Tammy, Do you remember what goes on at the orientation? I want to be prepared. I saw my doctor today and she told me none of her patients have followed through the process - they have all given up because of the long wait. Not me - what have I got to lose except for about 120 pounds. Have you heard what happens after the weight loss - does Alberta Health Care pay for any surgery needed to remove excess skin?? I'd love to keep in touch and see how you are doing - I live in Spruce Grove and my e-mail is [email protected]
on 5/18/08 10:35 am - Canada
Hi Denise, I'm new to this website, although I've checked it out once in a while. Did you go to the orientation? If so, you probably have all the information you are looking for. They have really changed the program. I've was referred to the program a year and 7 months ago. My orientation was on April 30th. In case you haven't had your orientation yet, it's just about an hour to an hour and a half of information on how the program has changed. At the end, you are asked to fill in a form to either commit to following through or not. They tell you that you will get another phone call in about 2 weeks for an intake. I got the phone call about the next step on Thursday - my next appointment is at the beginning of June - I forget which day exactly. My understanding is that it will be an appointment with a nurse, and from there the decision will be made as to what I need to do to stay in the program. It's my understanding that from there, they may or may not put you into the surgery stream - even if they do it can still be a really long wait. I'd be interested in hearing more about your progress through the system.
on 5/21/08 6:33 am - Canada
Hi Ruth, I think we were at the same orientation meeting. I too was at the April 30 orientation. I've also been contacted for my first appointment which is scheduled for June 4. What a coincidence!! Good luck - let me know how things go for you. Denise
on 5/18/08 10:44 am - Canada
I just posted a reply but it didn't appear anywhere, so this is a test ...
on 1/4/09 5:05 pm - Canada
Hi is anyone further along? I have gone for the orientation, and have my first scheduled appointment in a few weeks. I am in it for the long haul. When I was ready to give up last year I heard a CBC program and the director of the weight wise program came one and said that what people are waiting for is the all round support from dietitians, nurses, counseling etc. which will ultimately help you keep the weight off.

What I want to know is...has anyone made it through and is scheduled for surgery? or completed surgery in Edmonton clinic? I am prepared to go the distance...wish I knew how long that was. The kicker is that I may not be a candidate...after all this time they still cannot tell me. Perhaps it is a waiting game...

One other question...was anyone on more than one waiting list? A woman I know had it done in Medicine hat and seems happy and didn't have to go through all the counselor, modules etc...I am wondering if I should be on a waiting list somewhere else in case I am not "approved"

New Leaf
on 1/5/09 6:39 am - Canada
I have heard that some people have gone to DR. Nohr in Medicine hat as they were denied here. I don't think it hurts to be on all the waiting lists possible.

my wait time was 1 year into the clinic and 1 1/2 till surgery, granted the 1 1 /2 flew by  because I was in the swing of things every month with all the support I received. I meet with the internist, dietitian, surgeon, went to 2 course on eating after surgery. The support is so worth the wait. the weight didn't come on over night so take your time. Also they team helps decide what surgery is best for you, the band, bypass and now they are preforming the sleeve. The post op care has been awsome!! Good luck on your journey and what ever you find best for you!!


on 1/24/09 5:29 am - Stony Plain, Canada
I have been in the program since late 2007.  From the time of the first appointment to surgery is usually about a year but trust me it flys by.  However for me it has a been a bit longer due to some unforseen complications.  I was originally schedule to get the band done and after doing the pre-op tests it was discovered that I had a hernia.  So after that I had to wait to get a second test done to find out how bad it was.  All this has added on to the time ive had to wait.  I have decided to go forward with the gastric bypass as the band is no longer an option.  I was scheduled to be one of the first to recieve the gastric bypass with the robot on Dec 4th however a  few days before I broke my foot and have had to reschedule.  Things are back on track and im now just waiting for a new surgery date.

The program is wonderful and I am thankful for all the support.  It is well worth the wait and I feel like it has prepared me in ways I never thought possible.  It has helped me with more than just weight loss.  I think through the whole process I have meet the whole team and each part of it will better prepare you for what is to come.  At first I just wanted to rush through and have the surgery but now im glad I have waited and gone through the steps. 

It is very much a waiting game but it is a journey worth pursuing.  I wish you the best on your upcoming appointments.
on 4/23/09 4:09 am - Canada
Hi everyone Im new here as well I had Vertical Banding Gastroplasty in 2000 in Cardston,AB. At the time a Dr Hollingsworth did my surgury. I found the surgury was very painful when you woke up and try to walk. I had staples from just under my breasts to my belly button.  I thought I just wanted to die. But after a few days it got easier. My first month I lost 30lbs. After 3 years ii lost around 125lbs I felt great and looked great. NOW 2009 I have gained about 60lbs back and wished I did more research or talked to more doctors or nutritionist on how to eat healther. If I knew what I did now back than I would have never gotten this surgury. I am for ever puking my guts out because a peice of meat is stuck, or a vegetable that has abit of skin wont digest. So what happens I puke and yup the rest of my meal comes up with it.  A new habit I have picked up is to eat chips/cheezies because they dissolve and you can eat till you mentally think you are full. Bad habit.  Im so ill all the time, no energy black circles around my eyes, and worst of all 60lbs heavier.  All that pain and hard work down the drain. I want to get my surgury reversed so I can eat all the healthy food in moderation and get healthy again. I just hope you really think about the surgury hard. I have a scar i look at in the mirror everyday that reminds me of the procedure. We all are heavy because we eat crap, if you have good will power to stay away from junk food good for you. This surgury is not magic, you can still put junk food in your mouth and yes the weight will come back. My friend who also had the procedure done a few months after me is now anorexic, she looks aweful. Please I just wanna be a friend to you all and just to really tell you think twice even five times before you go through this. You have any questions I will try to answer them for you..
Take Care
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