4day on my ENSURE diet and lost 9.4 pounds

cecile babin
on 5/24/09 11:00 am - Canada
Hello everyone, I just wanted to write a post, Im on my fifth day on my ensure diet and i lost almost 10 pounds, I;m quite happy with that.

The first two days were really hard but then  as my body got used to it Its actually fine now.
I have another 9 days on the ensure and surgery on June 3rd I just cant wait.

Good luck everyone , cheers!!!
on 5/24/09 12:10 pm - Edmonton, Canada
Hello Cecile

I am out and on the mend.  Surgery was at 8 am and I was in my room by 1 on Tuesday. I was released on Saturday....hospital was up and down...had a fever on Thursday but it was because my lungs weren't expanding enough...take in big deep breaths....but all is well now.

I don't know my weight...but I DO KNOW that I had a huge pair of pants I brought to the hospital...and with all the swelling in my belly and water retention....I could barely get them on....discouraging but Dr Birch warned me.

Good that you have lost that much so far on the Ensure diet...keep it up....your time is coming fast.


on 5/24/09 12:11 pm - Edmonton, Canada
By the way...would you look at one of my posts that my user name is Onmywaytoloosing...and reply to it...just say anything....I can't seem to get into that account..and maybe I can when a message informs me in my hotmail address.

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