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on 1/3/11 7:13 am
Just wondering if anyone else out there has trouble with a upset stomach after eating or drinking anything.  Somedays are worse than others.  My stomach feels fine until I drink or eat.  It was like this right after surgery and seemed to get better but have noticed it again.  Even water will give me that upset feeling which can last from a few minutes to a few hours depending on what I ate.
I am seven weeks post op.
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on 1/3/11 1:32 pm
Sometimes it happens to me also and on several occasions its been so bad like last night I had to take gravol. I know if it happens in the morning when my sleeve is empty its because I forgot to take my Prevacid but when it happens later in the day after I eat it mind boggles me. Plain ol water still turns my tummy, it has to be flavored or a hot beverage.
Hopefully it doesn't last too long.


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on 1/3/11 11:10 pm
Thanks, it is nice to know it is not abnormal.  I find water can be the worse which doesn't make sense.  I find  first thing in the morning bad as well.  I was thinking of trying Zantac to see if that helped with it. 
As for the hair loss I am still hoping to avoid it but it doesn't sound like it thank goodness I still have lots maybe it won't be to noticable.
Thanks for the answers.
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Adrianna O.
on 1/3/11 11:57 pm - Canada
I am the same way. I have to have flavoured water...even if there is just a piece of lemon in it.

Gravol has became one of my best friends. I have it in my purse and beside my bed. BUT half a pill makes me so tired that I have to lay down for a bit. But they now have the ginger gravol in pill form (I can't stand the chewables) so I would try that as well.
on 1/5/11 6:39 am
At about 8 weeks out of surgery, I had a major problem with upset stomach... When I talked to my NUT at weight wise, she told me that my stomach wasn't prepared to accept food and drink. She said that plain water was the worst.

Her suggestion to me saved my sanity!! She suggested that I give my stomach a small 'appetizer' before trying to eat anything. A small drink of something with calories (2-3 oz) about a half hour before a meal. The calories are needed to 'prep' the digestive system to accept food. So I drink a small amount of milk prior to eating a meal... about a 1/2 hour before. It works like a dream. My nut suggested even a couple of ounces of fruit juice mixed with lots of water would do the trick as well. Liquid leaves the stomach quicker than food, so I wouldn't use small amounts of food... But the milk gives you a little more protein as well.

For the times that this didn't work for me... a Zantac 150 usually did!!! It's very easy on the stomach and about an hour after taking it... Nirvanna!!!!!!!

I'm about 20 weeks out of surgery now... and I feel great!! I only have problems with Beef and Bread.. oh ya.. and sometimes Eggs...

I haven't had that awful nausea in a couple of months...



on 1/9/11 12:59 am
Thank you for the advice I will try this as you sound exactly like I feel right now and I need something.  Water is the worst.   I tried a fresh bun the other day oh what a mistake.  At least it cured me of my bread cravings.  Some advantages to discomfort.
Thanks again for the advice I will put it into action.
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