Anyone have Dr. Doug Davey? Edmonton

on 4/13/12 3:45 am - Canada
I have been seeing Dr. Davey in Bonnyville, and last appointment he said he was going to book me in for the Sleeve, would be in 8-10weeks... that was Mar 4, still haven't heard anything.  Just want to know my surgery date.... of and since he said he was booking me in I haven't been able to stick to a diet or log my food... I'm not over eating or gaining but not losing, just sick of logging... I know he's going to want to see my diary again... hope he doesn't postpone my surgery.
Anyone else eating like its there last meal? 
How did you like Dr. Davey?  I find him nice but kind of intimidating, always forget my questions... 
I just want this sleeve done and my healthier life to begin, I'm very active but it's hard when your so big, I know this is only a tool and I know my physical activity wil increase once i get more energy and less pain...  I have 3 boys how can it now get more
D. Hoi
on 4/13/12 7:25 am, edited 4/12/12 7:29 pm - Canada
Dr. Davey was my surgeon. He is notorious for saying that you will have your surgery in 'X' weeks and it is always much longer than that. He is a very good surgeon with a great reputation. It sounds like they are booking surgery dates in June right now.

Keep up that journaling. It is really the key to be successful at weight loss both before and especially after surgery. I hope you get your date soon.

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on 4/13/12 1:38 pm
Dr Davey did my surgery in 2000. He was helpful before the surgery but after I felt abandoned. Now almost 12 years later I'm gaining weight again almost back to my orginial weight. What I need to know is can I have the surgery again? Also I never got reconstructive surgery for all the excess skin. Could that be why my first surgery wasn't as successful? 
on 6/26/12 12:09 am
I currently have Dr. Davey as my doctor for the Gastric Intestinal bypass. I met with him beginning of June and he said that I would be in by the end of July for surgery. I spoke with the nurse who books the surgery and she said I wont get in until September or October. I was hopping this would happen during the summer as I am a teacher. He tells me that I will be in the hospital for three days, then I will need three weeks recovery. Has anyone had this surgery and can you tell me if these time lines are correct?

on 6/4/13 11:55 am, edited 6/4/13 11:56 am

Yes, I had him but my surgery did not go so well.  I had my surgery on April 22, 2013.  Gastric Sleeve.  Apparently he knicked into the intestines and didn't notice and closed me up.  Five days later, fecal matter started spewing from one of my 5 little incisions.  As a result, I was rushed back into surgery, with an incision over 12 inches long for the other surgeons to clean out the bacteria from my abdomen.  They left the incision open apparently and me in ICU with my hands tied down so that I wouldn't touch the open incision or pull the intubated tube from my throat.  I was in and out of consciousness the whole time. Two days later, I was back in the OR for another round of cleaning my abdomen out. I don't even recall going back to the OR the third time.  Then returned to ICU.  Then transferred to the surgical ward but I don't even know how many days I spent in ICU. Spent a total of 23 days in hospital on 4 or 5 heavy duty strong antibiotics.  It is now June 4th and my incision is still not healed.  It's been a long road.  Not saying that he's a terrible surgeon.  Just relaying my experience.  What I didn't like is the couple of times that he did come to see me after my third surgery, he would just wiggle my toes and say - you're going to be alright.  Easy for him to say.  It's been a lonnnnnnnng road.

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