Walk and Reunion!!!!!

Louise A.
on 3/20/12 4:57 am - Anniston, AL
It is fast approaching April 14 for the Walk from Obesity and the annual Ala Bariatric Support Reunion.   This year it is a combined affair with the walk and then reunion.  The walk starts with registration at 8AM and the walk at 9AM.  You can go to the website walkfromobesity.com to register for the walk and  with the fee you will get a T shirt.   We have some wonderful cooks around the state, prepare your favorite weight loss friendly covered dish and bring the recipe.  Paper products will be provided.  If you need more info feel free to ask 

I almost forgot to post that this year it will be held at Regions Park right off 459 in Hoover.  There is no fee to get into the park.   We have some wonderful raffle items and door prizes. 
on 3/27/12 10:25 am

Louise do you have any idea what is going on with Dr. Bryan Freeman's office?

Louise A.
on 3/27/12 2:40 pm - Anniston, AL
I am sorry I don't have any idea.   We had support group last week. 
on 3/27/12 10:27 pm
If you hear of anything would you please let me know. I was told the office closed by a fellow patient of dr. freeman's.
Louise A.
on 3/27/12 10:41 pm - Anniston, AL
The office is still open.  I just talked to Sue this past Friday and seen Tim a couple of weeks ago.   I am sure that if the office had closed we would have gotten a letter.
Cristy S.
on 4/9/12 1:28 am - West Point, GA
I called the office a few weeks ago when I heard this. The office IS closing their last day per Sue is April 11th 2012. Dr Freeman has not yet decided where hes relocating to. He is also on leave of absence until closing only Tim is seeing pts. I have an appt today. I will try to remember to update if I hear anything else.


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