Monday! Whatcha Eatin? R U Moving?

Kim S.
on 4/9/12 12:05 am - Helena, AL
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  I sure did, and boy did we eat!  Back to counting today for sure!

Eats today:
B1-Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwich
B2-1/2 of a Flatout with ham and swiss
L-Lean Cuisine
D-steak and 1/2 ear corn

Dessert-s/f jello

Exercise:  Weights-arms and abs
on 4/9/12 2:54 am
30 min workout this am - gotta go get some 5lb weights - I have outgrown the 3 pounders.
B - hot protein drink
S - 1 oh yeah choc pb stick
L - refried beans with cheddar and salsa
S - egg whites with veggies and moz
D - marinated tofu with zuchini
S - hot protein drink
Leslie M.
on 4/9/12 11:39 am - AL
Very busy day for me.

B:  1 strip turkey bacon, 1 slice hot sausage, 1 egg, 1 tea biscuit
S:  Coffee
L:  1 slice health nut bread, 2 tbsp. pnut butter, 2 tbsp SF jam
D:  3 oz beef tips with mushrooms and green onions, 1 small steamed white potatoe
S:  6 pnut butter and crackers
D2:  Same as 1st dinner

Exercise:   7 miles of walking throughout the day at work....and still at work now!

on 4/10/12 12:17 am - AL
Hi....sorry I've been MIA. My phone died so no internet and now my lil one and I are sick.
Eats yesterday were minimal. Hot lemonade, gluten free muffin, and I don't remember. Had some hamburger, Brown rice, and pea concoction last night before passing out on a dose of Nyquil. Hopefully todays eats will be better.
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