Anyone in St. Clair County?

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on 4/8/12 5:12 pm
Is there anyone in St. Clair County that has had weight loss surgery and interested in starting a St. Clair County Support Group?



Louise A.
on 4/8/12 11:52 pm - Anniston, AL
I am in Anniston and would attend if you got one started.   Let me know if I can help you.
Jamison M.
on 4/18/12 1:04 pm - Gadsden, AL
RNY on 03/26/12
 i'm in gadsden but frequently in springville and i would attend if one starts up
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on 5/7/12 10:46 am - AL
I don't check this often, but my husband and I are in St. Clair and we are both WLS patients.  We would love a support group closer to home and that met a little more frequently the (almost) daily journey after VSG

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