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Hello Members,



On a daily basis we get calls from members in desperate need of surgeons that will accept Medicaid and or Medicare for Bariatric surgery.  It breaks our hearts when we have to say "we don't know of any surgeons in your state we can refer you to". 

Can you please help us? If you know of any surgeons in your state that accepts Medicaid and or Medicare, will you list their:


If they accept Medicare and or Medicaid

Phone number



This list will remain here for our members to access and use.

Thank you so much!!!


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on 11/29/07 4:38 am - sulphur rock, AR
Dr. John Baker in Little Rock Arkansas is accepting Medicare.
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on 11/29/07 9:31 am - Irvine, CA
Thank you so much for this information! Take care, ObesityHelp




on 10/20/09 8:34 pm - mena, AR
need help in finding a surgeon in ar that takes medicad. please could be in fort smith ,hotspings, little rock , or wherever. 
on 11/24/10 12:15 pm
Dr. John Baker in little rock accepts medicad.
on 11/29/07 7:04 pm
Dr Gibbs also takes medicare.
on 5/11/08 12:54 pm
Is the Dr Gibbs that you are talking about located in Searcy AR or is this another Dr, Gibbs?
Marilyn B.
on 6/16/08 7:55 pm - Bella Vista, AR
RNY on 06/25/08 with
I think it is Dr. Mark Gibbs in Little Rock.
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ShowStopper ..
on 11/30/07 9:22 am

And I might add, Dr. Gibbs is a really good Doctor. 

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AmyBeth :)
on 1/29/08 6:42 am - Fort Smith, AR
Dr. Chris Coleman, Cooper Clinic, Fort Smith, AR  is accepting Medicare and there is a lady in my support group on Medicare who is 65 and had surgery and is doing well!  His info is on my page! AmyBeth
on 6/11/09 8:44 am
my husband will have medicare coverage in Feb 2010 and is wanting to have a lapband done at that time.  we already know he is eligable because he has tried while still able to work to have insurance cover it but none would.  he weighs around 430 and is 6ft 4 in with multiple health issues.  his goal is to lose weight and be able to work again.

what steps can he do while waiting for his medicare to start to speed up process so he can have lapband done as soon as possible after coverage starts.   we are planning on contacting Dr. Gibbs in little Rock because we understand he does lapband.  Does DR. Baker do lapband?
on 5/23/08 7:52 am
Dear ObesityHelp, The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas accepts both Medicare and Medicaid patients for bariatric surgery consultation. Please visit our website for more information. Our contact info: Mark Gibbs, MD JD Fuller, MD Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas 9500 Kanis Road, Suite 501 Little Rock, Ar 72205 501-227-9080 Thanks so much! JD Fuller, MD
on 8/5/08 8:02 am
Dr. Fuller,
Do you do revisions and if so is it DS?
on 8/6/08 7:04 pm
Yes, I do revisions.  As to which surgery is performed, this is taken on an individual basis and is decided only after a detailed review of past surgeries, evaluation with current xrays, and usually also with endoscopic evaluation (EGD).  The typical end result of my bariatric revisions is a gastric bypass.   There is usually no need to convert to a duodenal switch as most of these cases can be successfully fixed by way of gastric bypass.  Of course, if need be, DS can be performed but that would be unlikely.   Thank you.  
J.D. Fuller, M.D.
Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas
on 6/24/08 10:06 pm - Hot Springs, AR
RNY on 05/20/08 with
And might I add that Dr. Fuller is a wonderful doctor. Tina


on 2/27/09 3:31 am - Bryant, AR
I just had my surgery done by Dr.John Baker, and  I'm a 56 year old medicare insured patient. I started my diet on Feb.1.2009 and had my Lap. RYN bypass on 2/9/09 Today is 2/26/09 and I'm down 52 pounds. I haven't had one moments trouble and would highly reccomend him. 2Lazy2Mike
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on 6/8/09 5:06 am - Alexander, AR
RNY on 09/14/06 with
Dr Fuller practices at Baptist Hospital which is a Center of Excellence. His nurse, Shannon, is awesome with all of this and will help walk you through the whole process.

Good luck!



on 6/8/09 10:55 am, edited 6/8/09 10:57 am
I had my surgery 6/1/09 its only 6/8/09. Dr. John W Baker is amazing! Do what he says and follow the rules and you will be golden! Im already up and about, have toured the wilds of Wal-Mart and Lowe's! rawr! Shop around with all the docs mentioned here if you want to! Cant hurt to have that extra knowlege in your pocket

Wishin ya the best! (and when you question yourself.."is this the right thing to do... " the answer... is YES!!!)

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on 12/10/09 3:11 pm
I know Dr fullar works in a center of excellence. But he does not have it him self. I was wounding if there was a new time line. I was told that he would have it in aug. It is dec now. I was just woundering if there is any sort of time line?