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On May 19, 2008 at 9:39 PM Pacific Time, linda249 wrote:
are you really meaning medicaid? which that is when you are on public aid, Medi-cal is a liquid protein drink or I should say it is powdered protein to make your protein drinks with.
Medi-cal is also a medical insurance program for the elderly and poor folk in CA.
on 6/25/09 8:16 pm - Folsom, CA
This goes to Linda249 ,

Sorry warlock.

This is the only state (California) where the public assistance medical insurance is not called.


Lawyer briefs are different also .   Everywhere else in the states it is different.



on 8/13/08 10:42 pm - Turlock, CA
I had my surgery done by Dr. Coirin in Modesto Ca his number is 525-3170 he is the best very caring and bedside manor is above and beyond he takes medical. I have straight medical and I had mine done by him good luck
on 5/20/08 7:56 am - Lone Pine, CA
Linda - in California public medical aid is called Medi-Cal not medicaid!  It is medical services not a protein drink

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So sorry ,but that is what the last  liquid protein diet drink that I used before I finally decided to do the WLS. what I used is called Medi-Cal and it is a liquid protein drink that I got from my gastro DR. and that is I think the only way you could get it but it was called Medi-Cal anyway   So sorry i did not have any idea that is waht they call a medical service in another state
on 5/20/08 10:15 am - CA
This info is for people with medical!!! Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center 3536 Mendocino Ave., Suite 250 Santa Rosa, CA 95403 Dr. Woodbury is the surgeon there he is wonderful!!!!!! I have met people there that has had there surgery with in 3 months of there first consultation.  There is another option my sister likes Kaiser so (she has medical) so she went to the emergency room at kaiser and the automatically give you a kaiser # and you are offically a kaiser member. She is going through their program......... With Medical.....

on 5/20/08 6:01 pm - san jose, CA
thank you i will call immediately
on 6/2/08 2:45 pm - Downey, CA
Chapman  Center for Obesity  2617 E. Chapman Ave.   Orange, Ca.92869     Seminar 12:00 noon Thursdays    1(800) 554-9544  their is a Doctor that accepts Medi-cal(Medicaid) or Medicare.
on 6/8/08 2:23 pm - CA
Looks like DR Q in Burbank ca takes medicare.

Hospital Bariatric Services

This office schedules and performs all bariatric procedures at "state of the Art", Center of Excellence bariatric services. Most healthcare companies including CMS or Medicare require that all bariatric procedures are performed in Centers of Excellence or designated and bariatric certified medical centers and services.

Providence SJMC

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center

  Location Buena Vista and Alameda Avenue 501 South Buena Vista, Burbank, California 91505 Tel: 818-843-5111
on 6/18/08 8:40 pm - Bakersfield, CA
Bakersfield Bariatrics (Maureen Martin) takes Medi-cal, but not Medicare.  They will tell you that they're getting their Medicare COE approval, but they've been saying that for 2 yrs!    They have a $1000 program fee for ALL patients (that is an extra  cash payment you must pay before surgery)  They're nice, but I needed someone who will take Medicare too.     The Delano Surgical group (Keshishian) will take both medicare and medi-cal, but they have a $3000 extra fee. Good luck to you all. :)
on 7/24/08 11:21 pm - paso robles, CA
How do I find one in my area that takes Medi-cal? I see Bakersfield and fresno which are not that far to drive but with gas prices lol.
on 8/6/08 2:39 pm - Big River, CA
In California, Bakersfield Bariatric Center performed my husband's surgery and it was covered under Medi-Cal.  Awesome place, fast, start to finish 4 months.  Great people, great follow-up, highly recommended.

Performed at Kern County Medical Center in Bakersfield, California.
on 8/11/08 1:05 am - CA
Good question .. I have Medicare as a secondary insurance.  Normally they pick up everything my primary does not. I will email my surgeon (Dr. Machado;p Sacramento, CA) and see what her office does in regards to billing.
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Does dr machado take  medi cal let me no plz

on 9/3/08 12:11 pm - CA

Dr. Woodbury- He is my hero.....
Healthy Steps Weight Loss Center

3536 Mendocino Ave.,
Suite 250
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Barb McGraw
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Lap Band on 05/18/05 with
Stanford Medical center has a huge bariatric/plastic surgery clinic in Palo Alto who does Mediare and Medical. Dr. Douglas Krahn use to do Medical. He is in San Bernardino. You can call and find out. 
Barb McGraw
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on 9/15/08 10:20 am - CA

Beverly Hills

They are truly amazing!! I can't wait to get my surgery scheduled. it should be soon!


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on 11/2/08 4:26 pm
megan R.
on 11/3/08 11:30 am - orange county, CA
Oh thank you for posting such an important topic, I myself am looking for a surgeon that accepts medical. I had a lap band done 2 years ago but it slipped and I had to have it removed. Ive been steadily gaining weight in the year since having the band taken out. Im trying my best to keep the weight off but Im fighting a losing battle here. So does anyone know if medical will cover a lapband, or is it strictly gastric bypass? Wish me luck in my search, and thanks to any who take the time out to reply to my post.

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