hemp hearts - "side effects" seem a little scary?

on 3/17/12 10:47 am - west sacramento, CA
 i was reading about hemp hearts after a friend raved about them. it all sounds happy and great...with one exception. if you eat anything starchy you'll want to stay close to a bathroom? the web sites for the products are written generally for *normal* people, ie: no RNY, bands, etc. so, im wondering. do we process differently? i'm trying it tomorrow for the first time in the morning, but i have a soccer game @11am. am i in for deep **** no pun intended?
on 3/18/12 1:27 pm - Granada Hills, CA
Sounds like a good insurance plan to keep you away from starchy foods

Ive never heard about them or read about them, so I can't offer any advice.
on 3/20/12 7:57 am - Citrus Heights, CA
RNY on 04/04/12

I have never heard of them either...interesting.
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on 3/27/12 6:27 am - west sacramento, CA
theyre super yummy =) and work great at curbing my appetite. no upheaval from my tummy like i was worried about. i made a pan of oatmeal raisin breakfast bars with equal parts hemp hearts and oatmeal, oh wow! they ended up about 1.5 in thick and i cut them in 3x4in bars. it takes me about an hour in the mornin to work through one, i dont just sit down to eat the whole thing, i eat it while im checking email at work, etc.  and it keeps me full & happy until lunch. i have a class 2 nights a week after work, and i bring an extra bar with me to eat on my way to school, also on the weekend right before my soccer game. they have an insane amount of protein, a very subtle flavor and are seriously my favorite food right now. i tried them in yogurt, but im not a fan of that texture.

one positive side effect for me, ive never been exactly *regular* but this is the closest ive ever been. if i can manage to keep my head hunger at bay, maybe i can drop (again) the last stubborn 30.

ps: hemp cultivated for agricultural use contains NO thc - the active ingredient in marijuana, so it doesnt make you weird and it wont pop up on a drug test.
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on 6/23/12 2:22 am - Guelph, Canada
 i love hemp hearts and have been eating them for years pre op... i am now 16 days post op and trying them in greek yogurt today at lunch
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