Butt boils - Caution GROSS post

on 12/14/07 3:13 am - Upstate, SC
To totally erase the pretty boobie images...I have a gross butt question...

I had these preop and STILL get them post...probably more than before even...

About once a month I get a boil or large zit on my butt...always in a different place. They get bigger and bigger, and just when I can't stand it anymore, they shrink, leave a dark mark on my skin, and disappear only to pop out a few inches away a few weeks later.
They aren't surface things, either. They are deeeep.

Now I have one between my "kitty" and butt, sorta on the edge of the labia area. I know, TMI.


Anyone have any advice on this? Sitting in my office chair hurts...normal hygene hurts...oy.

Is this a staph-type thing that needs treated? I haven't been real anxious to get them "looked" at by a professional.

(I can't believe I'm posting this...but I'm sick of it, and keep telling newbies that nothing's off-limits or too gross...)

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on 12/14/07 3:16 am - Mouseville, FL
You need to get this looked at by a professional.  I know it might not be pleasant for you -- but you need to know what it is since it keeps coming back. Red




on 12/14/07 3:18 am
Sorry to ditto what Red said but you must get to a doc.  You need some antibiotics.  It may be staph.  Also the fact that it keeps popping back up is worrysome, too. Pleae go see a doc.   Betty
on 12/14/07 3:27 am - Upstate, SC
Yeah, you guys are right.
My PCP just retired, and I haven't found a new one yet. I'd hate to be like, "Hi, nice to meet you, I have all these post DS needs...and would you take a look at THIS?" on my first visit...LM(ugly)BO.
Maybe I'll just hit a good clinic with this before I scare a new PCP.
While I'm not planning any in the short term, I do worry that future plastics could be compromised if I have a nasty staph or something lurking. Would totally ruin a mons or labia lift, I bet.

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Thank God for the DS! It saved my life, literally & figuratively! 

on 12/14/07 3:39 am - Clawson, MI
I used to get these all the time!  Knock on wood, I haven't had any since surgery, but I know exactly what you mean. I think it is a staph thing.  I used to get them all over the insides of my thighs and mons and butt.  They sucksucksuck!  DH usually ends up draining them for me because they get really painful.  I never saw anyone about them, but I did mention them to my surgeon before surgery and he said that it's related to being overweight too.  Not having the best personal hygene and limited airflow to the affected areas. I'm not really sure what can be done about them if anything.  Antibiotics might work to get rid of a current one, but I'm guessing they will still come back.  It's impossible to completely get rid of staph, it's everywhere in the environment. The best thing for me was a very very hot compress and having DH drain them.
J G.
on 12/14/07 4:10 am
Lindy, don't worry at all about approaching your new PCP with this.  They've seen stuff a million times worse.  Its all in a days work to them.  Or, if you'd be more comfortable,  you could also show it to your gynecologist. Whichever, just go before it gets worse. 
on 12/14/07 10:02 am
Docs don't care what you show them...good grief can you imagine what they saw in ER during their residency and internship? I'm almost 100% sure it is a staph thing and it won't go away until you get antibiotics.  Go to an ER clinic and get yourself straightened out.  Staph is highly contageous...do it for those around you.  LOL Really, you shouldn't let these things linger. B
on 12/14/07 5:07 am - savannah, GA
OMG!!! I have not had one since right after  the DS surgery. The  thing was in the same kitty / butt area that you are talking about that I had my MOTHER pop it for me as I could not get to it to drain it to ease the pain....Laying on the bed legs spread as far as I could get them , towel in place as a feeble attempt to have some decorum......GOSH I FEEL FOR YOU. Soak in a hot bath have your husband lance the thing. Wear gloves. It will releive the pressure and make it feel better.

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on 12/14/07 5:17 am - Upstate, SC
Yeah, they're not exactly easy to reach, huh? I can't even contort enough to see this one in a mirror!
I had DH look at it this morning (eww) and he sees it, but it's not looking poppable, meaning it's not all puffy and hard. Most of the "yuck" is deep right now.
I hear 'ya...a hot bath is in order...and probably a doc visit soon.

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Thank God for the DS! It saved my life, literally & figuratively! 

on 12/14/07 5:09 am - TX
Im curious about this too. I get those all the time, pre and post op. It looks to me like ingrown hair that just gets infected, and when it drains, the skin in that area gets black. And it stays like that, ugh... it is disguisting.

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