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on 2/14/08 12:47 am - Clermont, FL
Hi Guys, sorry this is a bit gross (but I know I'm among friends), but what to do ? I'm 3 weeks post op and every time I poop it feels like I'm passing acid,  tushy really stings. Should I add some benefibre or something like that or am I too early post op? will it eventually pass or should I take action? any idea for a girlie with a veru sore tushie!!! Yorkiegal
on 2/14/08 12:49 am
I had the same problem - I don't really know what to do to stop it, but mine did go away about 4 weeks out.  It's probably something you're eating that contributes, but it's hard to pinpoint it this early (or it was for me).

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on 2/14/08 12:55 am - Dayton, OH
I don't know what to tell you about why.... BUT use those flushable wipes. They help when you have a sore tushy. Or get some tucks pads. Those always helped pre-op when I had a sore tushy hole. I had loose poo for about 2 weeks. I notice when I eat less animal protein I have looser poo. Like today I have only had my protein from nuts. So I will have to up the animal stuff or I will have diareah tomorrow.
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on 2/14/08 1:08 am - Indianapolis, IN
Use diaper rash ointment too (don't use vaseline, it only keeps the acid stuff next to the skin.  It doesn't neutralize the pH like daiper rash stuff does).

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Valerie G.
on 2/14/08 3:06 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
It will pass very soon.  I second the recommendation of wet-wipes

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on 2/14/08 3:31 am - Grand Rapids, MI
Had the same issue.  I second the recommendation on Tucks (witch hazel is what I liked).  First time I ever used them, but they 'comforted'.  Don't buy the super large size, this won't last long!

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on 2/14/08 3:47 am - Canada
I would suspect baby wipes would also work too - and are maybe cheaper than some of the other ideas mentioned (all great, even though I have no idea what a Tucks pad is). Baby wipes are not flushable, but they are designed especially for wiping poop. Baby poop, but poop nonetheless! Good Luck... hope it passes soon....

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on 2/14/08 7:51 am - Canada
The diaper rash idea is great.  I used and still do if need be Sudocreme.   It's fantastic! Sorry about the acidic pooperoos...I remember them and owie!  Try adding a few crackers/ wh wheat if  you can.  Can  you tolerate a bit of Popcorn? I know you are very early will get better.   Huggs

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Jackie D.
on 2/14/08 8:15 am - Hudsonville, MI
I have this too if I'm not eating enough.  It kind of makes sense when you have it more at first when you aren't eating much.  It will pass just concentrate on eating what your surgeon recommends.  Lots of warm bathes help too.


on 2/14/08 8:32 am - South, GA

Toasted bread for breakfast fixed my butt burning problems.  I particularly like Wheat & Fiber bread put out by Flowers Bakery.  (Thanks again, LeaAnn.)

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