Wet vs Dry Vitamins?

on 2/17/08 12:06 am - SC
I'm sure this has been explained before, but please indulge me. I recently ordered 50,000 IU Dry D3 from VitaLady.  (Powder inside capsule means dry, I assume.) I take one a day. I haven't had any labs done and will adjust the dose afterwards accordingly. I also take an 8,000 IU A Gel Cap. (Liquid inside Gel Cap means wet, I assume.)  My E is also a Gel Cap and I have never seen E any other way. Are my assumptions about wet vs dry correct, ie, the definition of wet vs dry? Why is dry "better" than wet? Which vitamins should be dry?  Is the wet E ok?
on 2/17/08 12:12 am - North Platte, NE
The "wet" vitamins are in an oil based solution, therefore you malabsorb roughtly 80% of what is in the "wet" vitamin rendering the vitamin useless to our bodies.


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on 2/17/08 12:15 am - North Platte, NE
Sorry my computer went a little wacky and sent that before I was done. After having the DS all vitamins we intake should be dry to obtain the maximum benifit from them. I had a very low D level and also ordered the dry from vitalady and now my level is normal. I would guess that Michelle (Vitalady) will be along shortly for a little more follow up and she can hook you up with what you need.


Highest 242/Surgery 235/Goal 150/Lowest 158/Current 184 (Started working off regain and heading to goal 02/02/12.)    

Lori Black
on 2/17/08 1:00 am - , IN
DSers malabsorb A, D, E, & K.  These are the vitamins that you have to take in dry form for them to absorb correctly in your body.  ADEK's are usually in an oil and so will not absorb into your body.  You have to have these in a form your new plumbing will absorb.  I take 50,000 I.U. dry  D3, 25,000 I.U. dry A, and need to order some dry E.  Apparently the dry K isn't as big of a deal as the other three.  You can get all of these from Vitalady.com. Michelle will be along soon, I'm sure!
on 6/6/12 2:08 pm
Hi Lori-

For me dry K is a big deal.  I've got several deficiencies going right now, not to mention prealbumin teetering on the cliff,  and K1 (the only one they test for) is one of them. I suspected as much with a slow healing issue from a kitchen accident.  

I usually do 1000 mcg every day, but I was told to be very careful with K, as it can make your blood too prone to clot if you get too much, and  that could cause a stroke or heart attack.

I got a little sloppy with the vites and the protein over the past 6 months, with Mom leaving us, but I'm back on track now.  Hopefully I'll have all this stuff resolved by the three month recheck.  

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Jackie W.
on 2/17/08 1:40 am
DS on 08/25/08 with
How do you know if its "dry" or not.  I was looking at some of the vitamins yesterday.  Nothing on the bottles that I looked at said if they were water soluble or fat soluble.  They didn't day "dry" either.

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Valerie G.
on 2/17/08 2:31 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
It says so on the label "Dry" or "Allergy" usually.  I've looked around town for these, and the ones I found were very low on the actual levels and extremely expensive compared to vitalady's prices.  Her site is definitely one to keep in your favorites.

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on 10/17/09 4:43 am - Puyallup, WA
RNY on 10/05/94
OK, the vites themselves are fat soluble. Normally delivered in fats, but even then, some studies suggest not very well for even normies.

CoQ 10

We can measure the first 5 but not the latter.

A needs to be a retinol form, not beta carotene
D needs to be D3 (cholecaliciferol)
E needs to be d-alpha tocopherol succinate (8 forms of E, this is the only one we can use. dl-alpha, NO)
K1 AFAIK, there are 2, both good

(K2 is a whole other issue, there are bout 8 of these, we only want MK-7)

selenium, most ppl do fine on just the average 200mg, but find it in capsule with powder or tablet, not soft gel (oil inside0

coQ10, don't know which dose for you (or me!), but if you take it, make sure it is not an oil filled gel

ADEK come in capsules with powder inside.
A tiny
D is the same as A OR the next size up (way smaller than Tyelnol)
K1 is even tinier than A
E is equal to Tyelnol

Selenium, at least the ones I've found are pretty hefty

CoQ10 comes in mostly smallish sizes

The higher doses of ADEK are not going to be found at the grocery or WalMart. Sometimes you can pay thru the nose for the E at a h ealth food store, but you'll REALLY pay for it.

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Valerie G.
on 2/17/08 2:32 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
You might as well throw away those gel caps.  These vitamins are absorbed through fat, and while you're malabsorbing 80% of the fat, you're malabsorbing those nutrients along with that oil. 

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on 2/17/08 2:42 am
Dry or, as Val said, allergy, and miscible or water-miscible are the terms used to describe the ADE&K vitamins we need to take.

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