Pre-diabetes and Fasting Blood Sugar Level ???'s

ann M.
on 3/6/08 7:59 am - Northern, VA
I had a fasting blood sugar level of 119.  I did have a high carb/ sugar meal about 12 hours prior. (Arby sub with curly fries and a milkshake- Yes I know how awful that is for me.  Does it help if I tell you that it was my last meal before having to record all my food intake for 4-5 months for the nut?) My question is this: could it just be a spike from the horrible dinner I had?  Am I considered pre-diebetic with that one reading?  Yes I am a little freaked out by the reading .

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I need to lose about 2 more pounds for a normal BMI .  I still seem to be slowly losing at over 2 yrs may get there yet.

on 3/6/08 8:05 am
No, if you were fasting that is your blood sugar.  I hoverd around that for about a year and then I flipped over to being diabetic.  Sorry to say.   Since my switch, my BS is down to 90-99 in the last couple of days.
on 3/6/08 8:28 am - Chicago, IL
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By no means is 119 a spike in blood sugar, especially if you haven't had food in 12 hours.  Fasting means no food, nothing.  119 is okay for fasting but it's what it does after you eat that would allow a diagnosis of diabetes.  What are your numbers like after you eat?  Do they go really high and stay there for a good number of hours? Keep in mind that "I" consider 119 okay, even normal but unless your history consists of much lower numbers you are just fine.  Everyone is individual though. I would say....chill out, you're totally okay.

I MY DS!!!

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on 3/6/08 9:28 am - TN
12 hours without food and that is a true "fasting" level. Diabetic is a fasting glucose of 126 or more on two or more occasions. Impaired fasting glucose (one form of prediabets, the other is impaired glucose tolerance, one can also have both) is a fasting glucose of 110-125. Yep, you got it. Sorry. The DS will fix it, though.
on 3/6/08 2:56 pm - MO
They have changed the limits in the last few yrs of where you are or aren't a diabetic.  It used to be 150 if you were under that anytime you weren't a diabetic, That's why it took them so many years to really call me a diabetic, and my numbers were always that high and it wasn't until my reg PCP went on vacation that I got a new doc and he seen me one time and started me on insulin the next week. Couldn't believe I had been sick for that long and nothing done about my BS being that high.  Even after I started insulin my A1C test was always 7 or 7.5 it wasn't until I got my DS that I have an A1C of 5.4 is the last one any tested me for,...which they don't even do that anymore.  So don't fool around with the high numbers, I had gotten where I wasn't able to do anything without needing a nap to get it done.  I did my dishes a little at atime till I got them done same with laundry and other things that had to be done around the house, I was in bed more then I was up when I started the insulin it was like geeze I don't know I was high or something,.. I cleaned my house from top to bottom it hadn't been done in over 4 yrs, I like to of worked my mom and fiance to death trying to keep up with me.  I was very grateful for my reg PCP for being gone and I changed to the new guy till he moved last year.  I still miss him.  He was very supportive of my WLS decision too, and was very glad to learn about the DS,...he moved up north to Mn or Ws, not sure why or where just poof on me.   So please take this serious and act upon what the doctor tells you to, it can sure make a big differance in the way you feel. Marylin
Jodie R.
on 3/6/08 9:33 am - Grand Rapids, MI
Did they test your A1c too? That would be a much better indicator of things.. that gives a 3-month average of your blood sugar.. instead of just the small snapshot of a fingerstick reading or reading from a blood test.   I believe an A1c over 7 is considered diabetic.. mine was 13.4 at diagnosis.. for an average of about 350-400 for my blood sugar. Ha.  Now, it is just over 6.  Good luck to you.

ann M.
on 3/6/08 10:29 am - Northern, VA
I just had a quick finger ***** today with the nutritionist.  I had planned to have a full blood work-up with my pcp anyway so that I would have time to fix any deficiencies before surgery.  Shoot....there goes the whole in denial I'm healthy, just a little fat theory.  Thanks for the answers.

SW / BMI / SIZE:  312 / 49.5 / 26-28W         CW / BMI / SIZE:  159.1 / 25.1/ 10-12 
I need to lose about 2 more pounds for a normal BMI .  I still seem to be slowly losing at over 2 yrs may get there yet.

on 3/6/08 12:44 pm - Small Town, OH

I've had readings in the 90s since 14 hours post op with my was a miracle.

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