Is it ok to take colace (stool softener) on a regular daily basis?

on 3/13/09 9:20 am - AL

I was just wondering.  Not that I'm having any problems with petrified Lincoln Logs (as PrettyDove calls it) which have caused either a hemorrhiod or a fissure.  Because I'm NOT.  I'm just asking...really, I'm just curious...

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Star Jones
on 3/13/09 9:46 am - National Harbor, MD
As a recent victim of "Lincoln logs" lol I wish I had been taking them everyday. Dayum big azz terds gave me da roids!! My butt hurt so bad! Thr nurse at my Dr's office said I could take Colace (she reccomended generic for price) everyday with the iron. Now that I know calcium was the real culprit I'm going to try the iron again w/o the softeners first.

But I'm curious about the answers too.

I've been pudgy, chubby, thick, and now fat........Imma give thin a go round!!!

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on 3/13/09 11:36 am - AL
So what did you do to take care of the "lincoln logs"?  Was it just the stool softeners that took care of it or did you do something different with the calcium (like a different brand) too? 

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(deactivated member)
on 11/6/13 10:25 am

I have had chronic constipation my whole life, I thought it was normal. Then I found CLEARLAX, generic for MIRALAX. holy cow what a difference!!! I take a capful every day in my coffee, works better in a hot drink, and I had my first regular bowel movement in 2 days and I have been normal ever since. I take a lot of medicene and it doesnt interfere with any of them. I hope this helps get rid of Li ncolnlogs!! Take care and GOD  BLESS


on 3/13/09 11:16 am - NE
You might want to check with your surgeon. My daughter has permanent constipation, and has been prescribed stool softeners daily for years.

I take Miralax daily as a preventative, since I've been dealing with the dreaded 'roids since I was a kid. I actually have an Rx for it. It means I need to drink even more water daily, but that's not a problem. I'm back to gulping without a problem.


on 3/13/09 11:47 am - AL
My surgeon told me to go to my PCP and do what he says.  He said I could take stool softeners but didn't say how long.  I guess he meant until I get to my PCP to see if I had fissure or not first.  I'm doing fine now so I'm almost positive it was a roid instead.  I had to cancel my appt. due to my son being sick.  Since I was so much better I didn't go to my PCP. 

I take benefiber everyday and have since not long after surgery.  I have some miralax though.  I wonder if that would work better.

I was so glad when I got to the gulping point...Made a big difference.

Ronnie HW~205/SW~191/CW~119/GW~120-115

on 3/13/09 11:39 am - Burnsville, MN
Hey Ronnie, My surgeon told me to take them when I was having problems with constipation.  I asked about prolonged use and he said it was no problem.  He said better to do that then be constipated all the time.


on 3/13/09 11:50 am - AL
Thanks Jennifer.  I'm glad to hear that.  They have been helping so I didn't want to quit taking them.  I could still use a little more "softening" to them but I'm just glad it has become somewhat better than it was before. 

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J G.
on 3/13/09 2:32 pm
Ronnie, I could still use a little more "softening" to them  - try eating more butter.    Both fiber and Miralax are great  Miralax gives you faster "overnight "help.
on 3/15/09 7:12 am - AL
Do you think I should use the miralax and keep using the benefiber I use 3 x's a day or replace the benefiber with the miralax? 

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