Pumpkin Seeds...to shell or not to shell...?

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Ok so I will be the first to admit I'm a pumpkin seed addict...have been for a very long time...it's my go to snack....

well I was eating my daily ration of pumpkin seeds this morning and my son came in and said mom you're suppose to take off the shell of those...like a sunflower seed...not eat the whole thing...I shrugged and popped another one in my mouth...

I never shell my pumpkin seeds...I wouldn't even think about eating sunflower seed shells but pumpkin seed shells are soft and not the same...anyway it got me to thinking...do you shell your pumpkin seeds before eating them?....I'm not worry about any harm from eating them...I've been eating them daily for years....including since my surgery, once I was back on solid foods....Just a curiousity...


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on 3/17/10 2:11 am
If they don't bother you, then I guess you are ok except that the shells are coated in salt so not sure if you're watching your sodium.  I'm too afraid that kind of fiber to eat the shells but I do eat pumpkin seeds from time to time.  

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Debbie M.
on 3/17/10 2:23 am
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you're right, shells are soft enough to eat w/o taking them off. But I always do, I think they taste better without the shells.  I haven't eaten them in years - use to love them.

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on 3/17/10 3:40 am
I eat the whole darn thing--i like the shell!
Bonnie R.
on 3/17/10 4:35 am - Stratford, CT
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with the shell.  Yum!
on 3/17/10 5:01 am - Detroit, MI
I'm like you, I have been eating the seeds for years, and it all depends on my mood.  I eat them with and without the shells...no personal preference....lol
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on 3/17/10 10:05 am - Dayton, OH
I eat the shell.. I crave salt something awful... I also suck on sunflower shells and pistachio nut shells..

I have never eaten them any other way... I don't need to worry about sodium, I don't hold water weight and my blood pressure is really low. (both numbers are always under 100)
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