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on 3/26/10 1:59 am - Detroit, MI
Does anyone have Aflac and if so do they cover the surgery, hospital stay & time off work, if so, what documentation is needed?
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Valerie G.
on 3/26/10 4:16 am - Northwest Mountains, GA
I'm not sure what is necessary, but they're more along the lines of a replacement for short-time disability than medical insurance.  For instance, there's a daly amount you'll be paid being admitted into the hospital, and an amount for days off work.   Once you have everything arranged and a surgery date, give them a call and ask what they need.

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on 3/26/10 4:21 am, edited 3/26/10 4:21 am - Lancaster County, PA
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Agreed with what Val said.  There are several levels of Aflac plans. You'll need to contact a Rep to find out what they are (I forget, it's been 4 years since we offered this to our workers).

I DO know, that as a diabetic, I had something like a 2 year waiting time.  Sorry to be so vague, wish I could remember more other than what Val told you.

ETA:  Do a google on Aflac and see what you can find.

on 3/26/10 4:39 am - Puyallup, WA
RNY on 10/05/94
I have several AFLAC policies and they've done right by me, totally.

The hospital policy is pretty cut 'n dried. $xxx per day hospitalized and they don't care why. I had a half day surgery (3 hrs) and they even paid THAT !

I have short term disability, but was denied long term (osteoporosis--remember that when you're whining about taking your calcium 'n D). Again, it paid very well. My ppl are great. I submit one form and they put all the policy numbers that apply to that event. Nice.

I sent the EOB from my insurance re: the hospital and the bill for my copay for the lil eye surgery thing.

RNY, distal, 10/5/94 

P.S.  My year + long absence has NOTHING to do with my WLS, or my type of WLS. See my profile.

on 3/26/10 7:24 am
VSG on 07/05/12
As a former AFLAC insurance agent I feel slightly qualified to help here   What policy do you have? They pay you directly and you pay the hospital or whatever you want to use the money for. They need a hospital bill or some other form of documentation proving you were in the hospital getting the services. Depending on the plan you have they can pay for quite a bit. Again it goes directly to you NOT the doctor or hospital. It is Supplemental insurance and not regular insurance. If you need help with co-pays or deductables that is where they come in. If you have AFLAC hospital they will pay (depending on which policy) $400/day for the first 5 days of hospital stay for illness plus $100/day up to 365 days. Both have no lifetime maximum and if seperated by 30 days will pay again as new claims. They will also pay up to $1,000 for the surgery (I don't have the surgical list on hand so I can't say for sure what would be paid for WLS).  If you have insurance or even if you are self pay this is a great way to help with the bills.  On the website for there is an option on the bottom of the page to look at the brochure for your state in pdf format. It spells it out pretty well there. They cover for Short Term Disability as well - STD and Hospital are the two policies I think I'd recommend. Just realize if you don't have them already they require at least 10 - 12 months before covering a pre-existing condition. They will both also cover pregnacy with the same restriction. All AFLAC policies are portable, which means that if you have it at work and you leave your job for whatever reason you can continue coverage you just have to pay it like a regular bill instead of having it come out of your paycheck.

To answer your question - depending on which policy you have with them they DO cover surgery, hospital stay and time off work. I just realized that the money quoted above is for the state of Maine so the price may be different in your state.

Ask me anything - I'm happy to help. PM me if you have sensitive information.
on 3/26/10 10:05 am - Detroit, MI
Thank you all for your info and advice.  I have the accidental, hosital indeminty and short term (6months) disability.  I wasnt sure abt the bariatric surgery.  i have had it for 7 years it covered the c-sections & hysterectomy. Any info Maeya would greatly b appreciated.

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on 3/26/10 10:53 am
VSG on 07/05/12
Oh good! The fact that you've had it for that long definately means they'll pay! If you can find your policy look inside and there should be a list of what it covers for surgeries and how much they pay out for each one. You may want to contact your agent or call the number on your policy for more information about what yours covers specifically since it's 7 years old. They will def pay though and really all you need is to show proof of your stay in the hospital. That should be true for the short term disability too. Accident won't pay of course since this isn't an accident, but they should cover a well visit with your PCP. If you haven't been claiming that you should - and you can claim for the last 7 years as long as you have gone for a pap or whatever and can show that they'll pay it. It's usually like $25 but can be up to $75 depending on your state and which policy you have. The great thing about AFLAC is that as long as you pay they pay. Doesn't matter how often you need it - if you get surgery every year (God forbid!) they'd pay it. There just has to be a 30 day window between them.

For your disablity, what are the requirements before it kicks in? How many days from the date of injury/disablity to when the plan starts to pay? Sometimes it's 0 meaning immediately and sometimes its 7 or 10 days which is for those who get paid that way and don't need more funds immediately. It pays for 6 months so figure out when it kicks in for you and plan for that. Again the hospital records and doctor report saying when you can return to work should be enough to get that benefit. They are very good about paying claims!

Was that helpful?? If you need more clarity you'll probably need to contact an agent in your area who can go over your policy with you. It's kind of hard to give better information without seeing it.

Good luck!!
on 3/26/10 11:10 am
VSG on 07/05/12
I forgot to ask - is it the Hospital SICKNESS or Confinement indemnity you have? b/c there is a big difference!
on 3/26/10 12:01 pm - Detroit, MI
I have both of them....thanks for the information...u been very helpful.
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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me...
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on 3/18/14 2:29 am - Oklahoma City, OK
VSG on 04/29/14

Hi!  I'd love to ask some questions about supplemental insurance for VSG.  My regular insurance doesn't cover VSG surgery- only Lap Band.  Can I add supplemental insurance from Aflac or somewhere similar to help me with some of the out-of-pocket expenses?  Please e-mail me if you get this!  [email protected]


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