Antibiotics the week prior to surgery? I'm getting sick!

Not yo business OH
on 5/23/10 11:01 am
I went to see my Primary Physician last week because I had a swollen lymph node in my neck that was worrying me.  He said nothing to worry about, but if I ran a fever, got an ear ache, or sore throat, to call him back and he would put me on an antibiotic. 

Well, I woke up Saturday morning with an ear ache on the same side as the swollen lymph node.  Now my tongue is completely raw and my throat is sore.  Over all, I feel okay and don't think I have a fever. 

I have my preop all day tomorrow and I am not planning on saying a word about my ear or anything that would put up a red flag.  Since I won't be home tomorrow, I called and left a message for my Primary Physician when he arrives tomorrow.  I am guessing he will put me on an antibiotic.  I have eaten yogurt today in hopes that it would help my raw tongue.  I have taken vitamin C to help fight anything.  I have used a heating pad on my aching ear.  Any advice would be appreciated.  I just don't want to be sick next Tuesday!!!!  That is my surgery date. 

Will taking the antibiotics before surgery mess anything up?  Anybody else been sick right before surgery? 


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I had a "cold" the week before surgery, the surgeon didn't reschedule the surgery. 

I would not hide any thing from my surgeon, I doubt if antibiotics would have an impact, but I definitely want my surgeon to know what I am taking and any health issues I am having.   I used Zicam to reduce the cold symptoms and included that in my presurgery info.

Not yo business OH
on 5/23/10 11:29 am
Thanks Rocky!  I don't plan on hiding the antibiotic issue, just didn't want to make a big tadoo of it during my preop if it turns out to be nothing major.  Thanks for the advice.  T


Ht: 5'7"  HW/247ish   SW/234    CW/141-145  (Over 100 pounds lost in 8 months!)    
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Make sure you surgeon knows you are on antibiotics because he may have to put you on IV�antibiotics during your surgery as a precaution to prevent any complications.� He needs to know if you are sick as it could cause a problem with the anestesia, especially a sore throat or raw tongue


Rena H.
on 5/23/10 7:23 pm - Spokane, WA
 Hey Terri,

I had a cold when i had my surgery. I took antibiotics the whole week prior to the surgery. I did ask doctor Ungson if that would be a problem and he said no. When i got down to Mex his internist checked my lungs the morning of surgery and they were clear, so they didn't postpone it for a day or so. 

My lungs did however fill with fluid during the surgery so they were pumped while they kept me sedated in recovery. I spent my healing time coughing. HURT LIKE HELL. but i think that it made my abs heal up faster, they were always getting a good workout. Now they are pretty darn strong. 

No real harm done. I did have low o2 levels for a couple days after surgery so i was on o2.

They are going to be dumping a huge amount of antibiotics in you before and during the surgery anyways.. I don't think you should worry. But you should let them know just so they are prepared for possible lung issues or whatever.
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on 5/25/10 6:49 am
I had a HORRIBLE sinus infections and upper respiratory infection that hit me 3 weeks before surgery. They put me on three different antibitoics prior to my surgery. I told my surgeon, she said that a cold wouldn't matter and if my breathing had improved it was a go ahead. Long as I didn't have a fever she would do the surgery. I did have to tell her about the antibiotics though becuase if you start them you'll have to continue them thru the surgery and can prolly give you some liquid form. I woudlnt' worry about it sweetie, I'd tell him and I am sure he can help ya work through it!!
Chad M.
on 5/25/10 6:57 am - Indianapolis, IN
I would certainly not hide anything. This is your life.

Your surgeon likely does not want you to take anything that will thin your blood (such as aspirin) too close to surgery. Antibiotics are probably OK, but check.

I had a cold the week of my surgery. I talked to my surgeon's nurse about it and she said as long as there was no fever and I was getting better, not worse, it wouldn't be a problem.
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