Can zinc upset your stomach?

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on 6/12/10 1:21 pm, edited 6/12/10 1:35 pm
I feel awful.  I got up late today and was supposed to go to a friends for wine and snacks.  I wasn't hungry, and I didn't happen to eat anything before I went over to her house.  I had a couple glasses of wine (this is not at all usual for me), two boneless wings, a soft pretzel that she had made herself, and a couple grapes.  This is not at all how I generally eat.  I know I broke the rules, but I really feel SICK

The only other thing I did was trying a new kind of zinc - separate, not in my regular multi-vitamin.  My belly button area feels awful.  Actually all of me feels awful.

I know it'd be hard to isolate the actual problem since I broke all the rules today, but I did wonder if anyone knew if zinc could cause a problem.

The only other problem is that I feel so bad that the thought of eating anything at all (protein) makes me want to throw up.  Maybe I should just give up on today and get back to my regular diet tomorrow. 
on 6/12/10 1:25 pm - WA
Zinc is very hard on the tummy - especially the pills.  They used to upset my tummy something awful and I hated taking them.  Then I switched to Vitalady's Tender Zinc capsules and no problem.  I take them separately from all my other vites, but I do usually take them with food.

Whether it was the zinc or a combination of foods/drinks that you're not accustomed to, it's hard to say ... but I highly recommend the zinc capsules either way.

Good luck!
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on 6/12/10 1:32 pm, edited 6/12/10 1:33 pm
Thank you - I will be sure that I take the zinc with food next time.  (and not the junk I ate today)  It is Vitalady's zinc, but it's the first time I've tried it and I took it on an empty stomach.

Newbies, please note:  What I ate today was NOT how one should eat with a DS.  I know I broke the rules - it rarely happens - but this is also one reason that the DS works.  When you don't eat right, you don't feel good, and you try to remember that the next time.

*goes to the doghouse to recuperate*     Sigh. 
Kathleen F.
on 6/12/10 2:01 pm, edited 6/12/10 2:02 pm
Actually, to me, it doesn't sound like you broke any "rules" (except maybe I would of stuck to one glass of wine) and it certainly doesn't sound like you ate too much. I suppose the zinc could of been the culprit. I imagine you will know for sure when you take it again. Are these items you have eaten before without a problem? Not to say anything against your friend or her cooking, but there is a possibility that one of the items contained some bacteria or ingredient that particularly didn't agree with you.

Hope you feel better soon!

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on 6/12/10 2:11 pm
I guess I meant that I have probably only had about 5 or 10 gms of protein today, WAY too many carbs ... the wine and the grapes are full of sugar, and the breading on the wings ... and the soft pretzel. 

No one else is sick ... I'm inclined to think it may be the zinc on an empty stomach.

Thanks - your post made me feel better.  I was doing quite the guilt trip on top of everything else because this really isn't my usual way of eating - or drinking.
Kathleen F.
on 6/12/10 2:33 pm
Don't beat yourself up over the carbs (though you do need more protein!), it's not like you do it all the time.

I have found that since I had surgery, I am more sensitive to food being a tiny bit off... even though everyone else seems to be okay. Maybe take some extra probiotics?

It will be interesting to see if the zinc continues to bother you. I have been taking zinc citrate capsules I picked up at the health food store with no problems.
on 6/13/10 1:51 am - bay area, CA
If I had to guess, I'd say it was the food and not the zinc, given that you are using the good stuff from Vitalady. I take regular zinc from the drug store without a problem, but many years ago, long before my DS, I took some multivitamins that made me throw up every time. I stopped taking them and the problem resolved. The pharmacist said it could have been the coating on the vitamins.

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on 6/13/10 3:04 am
Thanks, Larra.  It's a new day, and I'm back on track and starting it with protein.  I checked with my friend and she had used white flour in the pretzel.  She's a health nut, so I guess I'd assumed that she had used whole wheat.  I didn't think she even had plain ol' flour.  Anyway, it's a new day and I'll be back to my normal life.  No junk food and no wine! 


J G.
on 6/15/10 7:17 pm
jc, just wondering how the zinc is doing for you, now?  Sometimes, grapes (and definitely raisins) bother me.
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