Weight/size to fit in one airline seat

on 7/13/10 12:42 pm

I just found out I will need to fly in September. I have been purchasing 2 seats for the last 10 years. Usually work allows us to purchase the tickets and then reimburses us but this time they are making all the travel arrangements so my husband and I will have to purchase our tickets at separate times and I'm not sure if I'm ready to fit in a single seat yet, so I'm terrified that we may not be able to sit together.

I have lost 41 lbs since surgery on June 1st and lost 41 lbs prior to surgery so I'm down 82 since December. I'm now wearing a woman's 2x top but still in a 3x or 26 bottom. Does anyone have any idea if I'll be o.k. with a single seat or should I just bag this trip and wait till the next time around.

Thanks in advance for any input.

Kerry J.
on 7/13/10 12:48 pm - Santa Clara, UT
When I weighed 285 and wore 44-46" waist pants, I could just squeeze into one seat. It was not comfortable, but I could do it.

Wow! I haven't thought about how that used to feel for a long time; it was not a good feeling.

Chad M.
on 7/13/10 12:52 pm - Indianapolis, IN
What's your current size? Take a look at my ticker. I am 5'10" and at my current weight/BMI, I fit just fine in a single seat.
Kerry J.
on 7/13/10 12:54 pm - Santa Clara, UT
Hi Jack! Wow Chad you're right where I started; I was at 283 and a BMI of 40.6 LOL!
Chad M.
on 7/13/10 1:01 pm - Indianapolis, IN
Kerry J.
on 7/13/10 1:04 pm - Santa Clara, UT
No worries Chad, you'll get where you want to be.
on 7/13/10 1:01 pm, edited 7/13/10 1:02 pm
You can look up the widths of airline seats on www.seatguru.com.

They do vary by type of aircraft, so you'll have to know what flight you're considering first.

Worse comes to worse, get an aisle seat so you can hang your butt out over the aisle a bit if needed.

ETA: clickable link:


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on 7/13/10 1:04 pm
When I was about 310 lbs (about size 22/24) I was able to squish into a regular economy seat.

On August 5th I will be squishing my 320 lbs butt into a regular economy seat again.

I feel horrible for the person next to me but I always get a window seat so I can squish to one side I hopes if giving them a bit more room.
Elizabeth N.
on 7/13/10 1:12 pm - Burlington County, NJ
Well, I flew across the Atlantic multiple times at a size 26 and beyond, in one very cramped seat.
on 7/13/10 1:21 pm
Come December, I don't think you'll have anything to worry about unless you are freakishly shaped and have lost weight everywhere except your keister.

But, I wouldn't assume past experiences are any indication of what the airlines will allow going forward. Sheesh, Delta/Northwest stipulates requiring two seats just for needing ONE extender.

And especially now that they are charging $25/bag for checked luggage, I suspect more people will be inclined to complain if they have to fly seated on your lap.

Personally, if this was still an issue for me, I would fly very early in the morning when flights are cheaper and less full and buy two seats rather than face the humiliation of being asked to leave a full plane because I was too fat.

But, again, come December I don't think you'll have the trouble you might have now.
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