Zofran alternatives?

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As per the many recommendations I had my Dr write a script for zofran. He wrote 3x a day 60 pills total. Insurance would only cover 13 pills over 7 days... Weird. Any other suggestions or should I just take it twice a day and refill every week?

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Is it written "Brand Medically Necessary" so that you're getting the brand-name Zofran or are you getting generic ondansetron?  Insurance will sometimes limit brand-name meds due to expense, but not generics.  Just a thought.  Hopefully you won't need it for long!
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If you get the script rewritten--it does sound as if you didn't get prescribed the generic--you might want to get the ODT (orally dissolving tablet) type, which costs the same. Handy if you're having acute nausea, and are in danger of hurling something back up, since they're absorbed sublingually.

Did he prescribe 4mg or 8mg? If he prescribed 4, see if he would bump that dosage up to 8, and you can split them (but only if they're not the ODTs).

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Sad to say, I'm jealous your insurance covers 13!  I'm dealing with the same thing.  After I asked for nausea relief, Dr. Berntsen prescribed me 10 pills of Zofran, generic permitted, and one refill.  I went to fill it, and learned that even for the generic form, ondansetron, my drug insurance (SilverScript, which I had chosen through my Medicare part D) required Prior Authorization before covering it, which would entail getting my surgeon to call them and justify it, and, even then, it could take 2 weeks for the insurance to decide on the request.  I was having it filled in the evening, and had thrown up earlier that evening.  I was desperate enough that I just paid for it all myself to get some relief.  Just the 10 generic pills cost me $55-something at Dillon's (grocery store chain in Kansas) pharmacy.  The pharmacist said the older alternatives to it were more likely to give side effects of drowsiness, dry mouth, and (something else I forgot).  I am already spending so many hours a day in bed, that I don't want to take on additional sedation.

My mom mentioned that she got a MUCH better rate for a med (not for nausea) at Walgreens by buying their store membership card.  I called up Walgreens to see if I could save by transferring the Rx to them.  There, the 10 pills would have been over $100 (!) without the membership.  The membership was $20, then the pills would have been $29.99, I think she said, BUT that they were forbidden from selling the membership card to people with Medicare Part D.  So, I guess I just have to fork over the moolah at Dillon's.  *insert steaming mad icon here, lol*  I will think about asking the surgeon's office to try to help me get prior approval for the refill, although I am not sure I will need the refill.

Edited just to add this correction:  I realized I already had refilled it, and paid cash the second time as well.  I am unsure if I will seek assistance in getting a new Rx for nausea, be it ondansetron or a different med.
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Wow, silvers scripts gave me 30 at a time with no prior authorization.  Weird but only for the generic and no disintigrating tablets.  Now I have different insurance and I haven't tried to refill it.  Many years ago, I had humana and they gave me 3 at a time and I had to go daily to refill. It is a crazy drug.  Technically it is for chemo patients and that is why they limit it so much.


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Ah, interesting.  I wonder if SilverScript has gotten stingier since then? 
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I am sorry you are having more / different drama. You certainly don't need it on top of everything else. I just want to say be careful because I think I saw something on here several days ago about a different antiemetic that caused serious side effects, like nuerological stuff. I'm sorry I can't remember more at this moment. I'll look back.
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 Reglan is the one you're thinking of, I believe. 
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I was prescribed the 8mg generic. Will they work if I split them in half?

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I perscribe Zofran for our cancer patients all the time.  The brand Zofran is over $100/pill and generic is around $85.  All depends on where you go to get it filled.  THAT is why the insurance doesn't want to pay.  Most insurances will allow a certain number per month and that is it.  If you want more they are more than happy to let you pay out of pocket.

Try Compazine, Phenergan, or even Reglan.  Old drugs which are much cheaper.
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