Colonoscopy tomorrow - bowel prep not working yet. Any experience?

on 8/24/10 11:08 am - New York City, NY
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Hey folks,

In the continuing saga that is my chronic constipation, nausea, and pain after eating, I am having a colonoscopy tomorrow.  (I already had an upper GI and small bowel series that came back supposedly normal, but the colo-rectal doctor thinks it's adhesions and an "intermittant obstruction" in the small bowel that just isn't showing up on tests.)  I started the Movi-Prep over 3 hours ago and it hasn't yet kicked in.  I called the 24/7 Nurse line that my health insurance provides, and they told me onset is within an hour.  

I have to repeat a second jug of the prep an hour from now, hoping I'll get some action then.  I'm pounding the chicken broth and clear liquids and I look like a boa constrictor that just ate a bowling ball.  Ugh, I feel gross and miserable. 

Anyone ever have any issues with a bowel prep not working???  If no action after I complete the second jug, I'll call the doc and see what they say.

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on 8/24/10 12:33 pm
Good luck Melody
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on 8/24/10 12:39 pm - SF Bay Area, CA
All I can say is that I hope it has worked by now!

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on 8/24/10 12:44 pm
Hope all goes well!
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Still nothing.  Wahhh

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How bout come situps? LOL  Gosh, I can't believe it's not working yet!  So sorry!


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Kayla B.
on 8/24/10 12:50 pm - Austin, TX
Ugh, oh no!!

I had a few problems.  I was using Nulytely, which is, I believe, just a larger volume of the same stuff you're using.  I drank the whoooole gallon of stuff plus a bottle of magnesium citrate and 4 dulcolax laxatives and I was still not running clear.  I called the on call service for my GI's office and the doc recommended another bottle of mag citrate.

I never did run totally clear, and ended up having to do an enema on the day as well.

After allllllll that trouble, I did end up still getting a satisfactory colonoscopy.

Does your GI have instructions on what to do if the prep doesn't work?  Mine had the number for medical exchange so a doc could be paged.
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on 8/24/10 1:31 pm - New York City, NY
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Just spoke to them.  Just finished my second container of stuff.  He said if I don't go within an hour to take 2 Duloclax pills and then use a Fleet's enema in the morning.  I can't believe there are over 2 liters of fluid just floating around in my digestive tract right now, just hanging out!!

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That sucks, can't imagine how frustrating it must be to deal with constipation all the time. Think of the train: I think I can, I think I can...
Good luck, and good luck tomorrow

on 8/24/10 2:41 pm - kingwood, TX
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I had that problem! I was so worried, but I went to bed and woke up at 0300 the prep
started to work.

I even had a movement in the waiting room right before...but luckily that was the last of it and
it all worked out ok....

Good Luck!