Need advice. How to keep rice cakes fresh after opening??

on 9/12/10 11:53 pm - AL
Nothing I've tried works. Lately I tried leaving the unused ones in the sleeve, putting the sleeve in a ziplock, putting the ziplock back in the original bag...

They are still stale.

I wind up using only 2 out of each sleeve. Grrrr.

Any advice?

Michelle H.
on 9/12/10 11:59 pm, edited 9/13/10 12:00 am - Canada
A tupperware container. They stay fresh for a long time.
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on 9/13/10 5:29 am - AL
I should have thought of that. But you would think that a ziplock would work as well as tupperware. I'm going to try tupperware next. Thanks.

(deactivated member)
on 9/13/10 12:22 am - Yorktown, VA
Blech!  Why are you eating, I mean rice cakes?
on 9/13/10 5:32 am - AL
Apparently I am gluten sensitive now. I can't do anything with wheat flour in it. So I don't have so many options for bread or cracker type things. I like my rice cakes with peanut butter. The gluten free bread I've tried is so heavy and I don't enjoy it.

So the plain rice cakes are really just a peanut butter delivery system. And I like the small flavored ones as snacks.

on 9/13/10 8:28 am - Levittown, PA
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on 9/14/10 3:19 am - AL
No, I'd never heard of them! WooHoo! I can't wait.

on 9/14/10 2:40 am - Central, FL
Becky, which gluten free bread have you tried? I haven't tried any yet but I'd like to and have no clue what to look for.

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on 9/14/10 3:17 am - AL
Oh dear, I can't tell you. I bought a loaf about 6 months ago and I still have 1/3 of it, but I took it out of the bag, wrapped the slices in wax paper and put in a ziplock.

But all the gluten free bread I've seen at the couple of health food stores I've been to seem the same. About the consistency of heavy pound cake. Not my cuppa tea.

I miss bread. I miss crackers. So I use both the regular rice cakes with peanut butter and I also splurge some carbs on the flavored small rice cake snacks. I just have to be careful because they make snacks that LOOK like rice cake snacks that are made with gluten. I have two boxes of yummy snacks that I can't eat. I should take them to the North Carolina DS dinner on Friday and give them away. I've got a huge tub of protein powder to give away as well.

Blank Out
on 9/13/10 2:00 am
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 Fridge or freezer!  Freezer is best for crackers, chips and to keep things crisp.
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