Carb count for movie theater popcorn?

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on 12/12/10 2:36 am
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I feel like a moron asking this, but my Google Fu has failed me. Does anyone happen to know approximately how many carbs are in a small movie theater popcorn? 

All the online nutrition info I've found lists fat and calories but not protein or carbs. If anyone happens to have this info or a reasonable estimate, I'd greatly appreciate it!
on 12/12/10 2:40 am
 Apparently AMC has less carbs than Regal. Here's a list heater-popcorn
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on 12/12/10 2:48 am
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Thanks. I did find that list, but I wasn't sure if any of those counts were reliable because there were wildly different listings for the same theater "brand" of popcorn. 
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Do what I did. Load that popcorn up with tons of butter and ENJOY it. I never counted popcorn as a carb!! I figured all that butter would just move it on thru! What movie are you going to see?

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on 12/12/10 3:03 am
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Hi Becky,

I think we're finally going to see Harry Potter!

I don't typically count carbs at all, but for 1 weekend every month I track every single thing I eat to make sure that all my protein and carb estimates are in the neighborhood of where they should be. It's like a spot check.

Unfortunately, this weekend is "spot check" time, so I'd like to have the most reasonable estimate possible. :-)

on 12/12/10 3:15 am - AL
That is funny that you do a spot check. I've never seen anyone say they do that before, but I've done it a couple of times. I think that is a really good idea.

I especially was glad to see how much water I am getting.

Enjoy the movie! I'm snowed in until later in the week it looks. Winter is not my friend.

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on 12/12/10 5:14 am
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Sorry to hear about the snow! It's pouring rain here and our car is making an insane screeching sound for some reason, so we're staying put after all.

Regarding the spot checking, it has worked very well for me. I'd drive myself nuts counting daily, but at the same time I need some sort of barometer to make sure my carb counts don't creep too high and my protein too low. Doing it one weekend out of the month seems like a good compromise (I choose the weekend because it's when my food tends to be least regimented!). 

Lucy B.
on 12/12/10 5:01 am
LOL Becky

That was going to be my comment ... Add enough butter and it just dosen't matter what the  carbs are!! 






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Have fun! I still haven't made it out to see it yet. Let me know what you think.
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