Splenda = Hairloss?

on 1/4/11 8:38 am
Has anyone else fumbled upon this tidbit?  It makes me stop and think, gee, I never consumed Splenda in my current gluttonous quantity until after my DS, which is when my hair loss started.  But ya know, WLS is known for causing hair loss, or it's gotten the blame. 

Anyone here on this forum do a Splenda elimination diet who can say Splenda caused their hair loss? 

I've also found references to Knox gelatin, kelp, L-lysine and omega 3 fatty acids for re-growing hair.  Any comments?

P.S.  Bosley shampoo, conditioner and full treatment has proven useless for me in re-growing hair.  FYI

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Lucy B.
on 1/4/11 9:07 am
I didn't start using splenda until last year and I had the normal hair loss after my surgery.. But none lost since starting splenda?

I would hate to give up my splenda ... I love it ;)






on 1/4/11 9:10 am - White Lake Township, MI
 OH God I hope not!!! Splenaid (kool aid with splenda) Is my drug er oops drink of choice lately!

And my hair is falling out in mass quanties but then again I just hit my 3 month post op mark so I think it's right on schedule!


on 1/4/11 9:16 am
See?  I think this smacks of an old joke I remember about everything causing cancer.  Especially your own saliva, but only if swallowed in small quantities over a very long time.

I.  am.  not.  a.  doctor.

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on 1/4/11 9:31 am - AL
My hair grew back with no extra anything other than VitaLady's vites and a lot of protein. I drank 2-3 shakes a day and ate a lot of protein and my labs show that I am absorbing a lot of protein.

I have always used a lot of splenda and use it more than ever now.

What are your labs like? How much protein do you get? Do you do shakes? That is where I would start if I was having a lack of return of hair.

If those are all really good then I'm at a loss. But I doubt if stopping splenda is going to do it.


on 1/4/11 9:40 am
Yeah, Beckers.  My protein level is 6.6.  I'm already doing shakes and I'm taking in 120 g of protein per day.  My hemoglobin was 13.2.  I'm taking Biotin, too.  My hair loss is even, it's thinning over my whole head, and it doesn't run in my family.  Thick hair is the norm.

I.  am.  not.  a.  doctor.

HW 250ish  SW 219  CW 110  LW 100


on 1/4/11 11:16 am - AL
Vita Lady's targets for protein:

Protein: 7's

Albumin: 4's

Pre-Albumin: 20-30's

Were you doing shakes and taking in 120 grams of protein when you got your 6.6 lab?

Have you asked some of the supplement experts about how to get your protein numbers up? Are you going to redraw those labs soon?

Worried about you.


Emily F.
on 1/4/11 9:40 am
I used more splenda before surgery and never had trouble with hairloss. I mean, how much consumption are we talking???? I bet it would have to be massive if there was a correlation.
on 1/4/11 9:42 am
Here's a link to the website I stumbled across.

Splenda - Ask Dr. Hull Alternative Health Web Forum

I.  am.  not.  a.  doctor.

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Kayla B.
on 1/4/11 11:35 am - Austin, TX
Granted, I didn't search too long, but I gave it the old college try (10-15 minutes) and couldn't locate any articles linking the two.

All I found was something indirect, being that splenda may cause thyroid imbalances, which could cause hair loss.


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