Sugar alcohols? Just ordered Atkins bars and?????

on 1/13/11 1:53 pm - CA
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So I got my Atkins bars and a couple of them have NO sugar alcohols, some of them have 2-4 and others as much as 11 !!!!!!!

Wish I would of paid closer attention to the ones that had high sugar alcohols.

So that being said, what is a reasonable number of SA that will not get you super gassy or sick?

Please advise,
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Kathleen F.
on 1/13/11 2:04 pm
Depends. I can tolerate a moderate amount. Some people can't eat it at all. At your stage, I would avoid it for now. Stick the ones with sugar alcohols in the fridge and wait a couple of months before trying. Then maybe try a 1/4 bar to see how it goes.
on 1/13/11 2:23 pm - CA
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Thanks Kathleen! I ate one today that had 1 SA and was ok, so as long as it is 1 or under and wait for the others? Shucks, I am really bummed about buying them. Maybe i should return the ones with the high SA?
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Kathleen F.
on 1/13/11 2:51 pm
Oh, I would keep them. They will keep for a while in the fridge. I can eat 10 with no problem. 20 might cause me to have some gas and a little discomfort. I haven't tried more than that, but everyone is different. Your system will be much more settled in a couple of months, so you can give it a try then.
on 1/13/11 3:26 pm
I start having problems with 3 SA, 10 I jusy want to die for 4-8 hrs - bloating cramping, & explosive dirrhea - so not worth it at for me.  Also all the diet sodas are the same...  No SF stuff for me.  Splenda and little amounts of the Pure/Smart sugar is ok.
Gave them all to my daughter.

I get Premier bars at Sams no SA 3 flavors, their Cliff  bars - Peanut butter and Choc Chip have 0 too.  Snickers Marathan  bars don't have any,  but higher carbs.

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on 1/13/11 6:04 pm
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I made the mistake of ordering some bars with SA, didn't read the ingredients close enough and POW !!! Atkins do well by me, just wish they had more protein in them.
on 1/13/11 9:54 pm - OKC, OK
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Looks like you're losing again! Congratulations.

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on 1/13/11 10:31 pm
Im having no problem with SA...Im pouring it in my coffee and protein drinks, SF popsicles also.
on 1/13/11 11:49 pm - AL
For me? Zero. I couldn't tolerate them at all.


Julie R.
on 1/14/11 12:41 am - Ludington, MI
I am pretty sensitive to SA's.   I can handle all of the Atkins "meal" bars, but most of their "candy" bars give me problems.   I never added up the SA's, but I'm sure, especially anything with a caramel or nougat, is pretty high.  The ones that are like Payday bars give me the most problems!

My favorite non-SA bars are Power Crunch bars.  I order them off the internet, and usually I get them from    Trader Joes, last time I checked there (I don't have one within 250 miles of me so only go when I get back to Detroit) has them for an excellent price too.
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