Are there ANY GOOD frozen hamburger patties on the market?

Gracie P.
on 6/26/11 8:10 pm - Mansfield, OH
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I just bought a package of frozen hamburger patties at Sam's club and put them on the George tonight for dinner.  YUCK!  The DH and I have tried many different types and brands over the years and have not found a frozen patty that we like.  Poor fella... he usually eats the rest of the package until they are gone.  He said tonight "If you put enough lettuce, pickles and ketchup on them they are OK!" 

Anyone have any suggestions? 

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on 6/26/11 8:27 pm - Chicago, IL

I get the Angus burgers from Wal-mart. They are really good & a lot of protein.




rhonda C.
on 6/27/11 4:32 am - PA
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me tooo,they are delicious!!

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(deactivated member)
on 6/26/11 8:28 pm
 I'm like you, I don't normally like premade ones, so I either make my own, or when I'm lazy I just heat the cooked/premade ones at walmart. They come in a bag of 5. They are actually good tasting. I just heat them in a fry pan with a little bit of water, close the lid and heat until steam escapes from under the lid. 
Other wise the handmade ones are the best, extra thick and still pink in the middle.. I think the premade ones are pressed to hard so they are like a hockeypuck. 
on 6/26/11 9:11 pm - Matthews, NC
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I love the frozen southwest chicken burger patties from Trader Joe's.  They're not super duper gourmet or anything but they're pretty darn good fas far as frozen burgers go.
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on 6/26/11 11:13 pm
When my son was in ROTC the Captain would soak the hamburger patties in worstechire sauce, mixed with enough water to cover patties. A little salt, plenty pepper, onion and garlic powder. Marinate just like you would steak.

I've never been a fan of premade burgers but this actually made them tolerable.
on 6/27/11 1:16 am - New Orleans, LA

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Janine P.
on 6/27/11 1:18 am - Long Island, NY
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Trader Joe's makes Kobe Beef patties (2 per box) that are really good. 


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Julie R.
on 6/27/11 2:35 am - Ludington, MI
There is a local meat packer by my house that maks the BEST frozen patties, but unfortunately, that's a bit of a drive for you!   If youe ever get up to Northern Michigan, do try Sanders Meats.

My DH is a chef, and he does like a particular brand from GFS that are individually wrapped.   We also tried some Black Angus steak burgers from Walmart that weren't bad.   Now, even though this man, who is a culinary school graduate, will literally eat **** on a shingle, I am far pickier.   I acftually did like the Walmart steak burgers.    
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Michelle B.
on 6/27/11 5:33 am - Cleveland, OH
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 I use to only like handmade patty's but tried these black angus burgers from GFS (if you have one of those in your area) and they are delicious!  I still prefer homemade though.
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on 6/27/11 6:33 am

The only frozen hamburger patty that is good are the ones I make out of ground chuck, use 80/20. Watch for boneless chuck roast on a good sale and pick out a few, take to the butcher to have it ground up. Get it home and patty them out and freeze 'em. I gave up on those nasty ass frozen patties a long time ago, even the "Angus" ones barely pass the palette test.

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on 6/27/11 8:35 am - Yorktown, VA
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Omaha Steaks has some good gourment burgers.  If you watch out for sales, you can get them at a decent price.
Christine X.
on 6/27/11 9:15 am - TX
The ones I found to be etible were the premade, PRECOOKED, charbroiled patties from Walmart. I know! Crazy. But if you heat them in a pan on the stove with a little butter in the pan, then melt cheese on them, they are really pretty darn good.
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on 6/27/11 10:55 am - South Central, PA
DS on 06/07/10 with
 If you have a Giant Food Stores nearby, they have a really good patty that cooks well on the George.  It's their store brand.  100% beef patties, they're 80/20 and come in a 5 lb box, 20 patties frozen in sections of 5 (I think there is a smaller box, too).  

If you get 3 boxes this month, you get 400 reward points.

I usually hate 80/20 and DEFINITELY 93/7 cuts, but these are good.  Slap some worsteshire sauce, salt and pepper & you're good to go.
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Emily F.
on 6/27/11 12:14 pm
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I think its in how you cook them. Try sauting with onions and peppers or grilling. The grill makes anything taste 100% better.
on 6/27/11 1:06 pm - MD
Bubba Burgers are by far the best frozen patties out there!
on 6/27/11 1:12 pm - Raleigh, NC
DS on 08/26/10 with
I buy the Quick 'N Eat frozen burgers at Costco.  They are pre-cooked as well, but even reheated in the microwave they taste like they are off the grill and have a nice texture.  Here's a photo of the packaging: 4/H2yxPxcjNZU/s1600/DSC03774.JPG

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(deactivated member)
on 6/27/11 3:44 pm
I second the nomination for Bubba Burgers.  They have a chopped onion flavor that is really good. 

Someone mentioned sauteeing onions and green peppers with the burger.  I agree that putting some yummy onions in while cooking the burger is something that I like as well.

on 6/27/11 7:23 pm - Waterford, MI
DS on 09/12/11 with
Have you tried buying the fresh burger patties at Sams Club?  They are really good.  We get them and then split the pack up into freezer bags and freeze them.  So much better than buying the frozen patties.
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Gracie P.
on 6/27/11 8:30 pm - Mansfield, OH
DS on 06/08/10 with
Good Idea!  I think I am gonna have to do this!  Thanks!

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