Not able to pass stool.

on 11/25/11 12:25 am - WA
I am hoping some of you might be able to help, encourage or have any other advice for me.

I had the DS on 11/14/11 and was on a liquid diet a few days before that.  Well, I have still yet to have a bowel movement in 14 days.  When I went for my one week check-up, they said I should soon.  Well, I am still waiting.  I have been taking Miralax and Colace every day.  Neither seem to help at all.  I am still able to pass some gas but that is it.

Sorry, I know this isn't the best topic to talk about but I am getting nervous.  If I haven't gone by Monday I am thinking of going back into my surgeon on Monday to see what is going on because I think by than 17 days of not going is way too long.

Any thoughts?
on 11/25/11 12:46 am - Naples, FL
DS on 11/10/11 with
It took 10 days for me to finally have a BM and when I did, it was small. I've been fine since then but I agree that you should contact your surgeon to see why you are having this issue. Also, have you been eating solids? You have to have something in there to actually move through your digestive system. If you are still on liquids, you aren't likely to have a BM until you get some solids in you.
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Elizabeth N.
on 11/25/11 1:00 am - Burlington County, NJ

I'd call the doc on Monday. This is not unheard of but should be evaluated. It's possible you just plain haven't processed enough stuff to be worthy of a poop yet. But better safe than sorry. Do you have any other distressing symptoms involved with trying to poop and not being able to? How about belly pain, distension, burping foul smelling/tasting stuff? Those would be things that would have me saying DO NOT WAIT GO NOW.

on 11/25/11 1:09 am
you need to call your surgeon, if you are vomiting and/or severe pain you need to go to the ER
on 11/27/11 6:38 am - WA
Finally able to go, the contrast I had to drink for the catscan helped.
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