Rny to ds done yesterday

on 12/31/17 4:21 am

i must say i was super excited to get my surgery date. The. Being told fo fast was not so exciting around the holidays. So surgery went well i hear. But when I woke up, i was in so much pain, it was as if i wwedygoing into labor. Now i have. High tolerance for pain, but this was different. I dont recall feeling anything after my rny. So the journey begins. I wll keep everyone updated with my progdessy. Just an fyi, i lost 12 pounds fasting. I was the hungriest, meanest, crankiest and upsetting person to be around. Kinda isolated myself so i wouldn't snap and be on the 5 o'clock news.

on 12/31/17 1:16 pm

If you are up to posting, you are doing well!

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on 12/31/17 2:16 pm
on 12/31/17 10:58 pm

Today, i was released. Experiencing severe lower abdomen pain and gas pains that travel from stomach to back. I'll be glad when this part is over.

on 1/2/18 2:15 am - VA

Congratulations! I hope your recovery goes smoothly. Keep us posted.


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on 1/2/18 9:20 pm

First follow up, all went well.. still had gas pains, still no bm up til the appt. now i can start vitamins and take laxatives... guess where my first stop was.. walmart pharmacy.. yes lord...

on 1/2/18 9:21 pm

Oh and still on liquid diet for one more week with protein shakes.

on 1/5/18 1:17 pm - Frankfort, KY

I hope your recovery is going well. I had DS surgery in Jan 2013. I am having a lot of pain and some problems. I need to find a very good doctor that can do a surgery called "Lengthening the common channel. My original doctor no longer accepts my insurance. Do you mind me asking who you doctor is and where he is located?

on 1/5/18 5:49 pm

Hi, Dr. Felix spiegel, houston tx

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