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on 10/12/09 8:28 pm - Miami, FL
Dr. Jorge L. Sosa in Miami, Fl. He operates out of Palmetto General Hospital, a COE, approved by Medicaid/Medicare. We also have The Cleveland Clinic.
on 7/7/10 2:50 pm - Bradenton, FL
hello i am looking to find a dr. who will accept my insurance i have health ease will dr.sosa be able to help me get the lap band surgery please help if you can , if you cant reach me on here please write to my email @
Bonnie J.
on 6/21/11 2:34 pm - FL
on 2/22/12 1:57 pm - miramar, FL
RNY on 02/28/12
at the seminar they tell u medicaid only covers the gastric bypass no sleeve and no band..i have no idea why but sosa takes share of cost medicaid and i think them and ask them..i dont think they take healthease because my friend had to wait for open enrollment to switch her medicaid
on 3/21/12 10:14 am
 Who is Dr.Sosa who accepts medicaid share of cost?
on 3/21/12 2:21 pm - miramar, FL
RNY on 02/28/12
Jorge Sosa in HialeAH , Fl (305) 558-0411
on 3/21/12 10:14 pm - Central, FL
RNY on 08/29/12
Florida Medicaid pays for Gastric Bypass and the Lap Band. The sleeve is still considered "experimental" so they will not cover it.

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on 4/24/12 7:55 pm

I'm in Orlando and was wondering if you knew if Florida Medicaid share of cost paid for  the gastric bypass. I was told by Medicaid that my share of cost was $0. I'm trying to find a PCP right now to see if I can get a referral letter to attend a seminar.

on 4/25/12 9:49 am - Central, FL
RNY on 08/29/12

all of FL Medicaid programs will cover gastric bypass. The trick is finding a surgeon that will accept it. I am going to a surgeon in Ocala, Dr. Hoddinott. He is out of Monroe Regional - it is a center of excellence. He takes medicaid and does an open gastric bypass (RNY).

Alicia ~ HW 307 ~ SW 287 ~ GW 135  

on 4/25/12 11:48 am
Thank you, I will call Dr. Hoddinott's office if I have more questions thank you again.
on 3/22/12 8:38 pm - lexington, KY
 will this doctor except medicaid?
on 10/6/13 12:17 pm - Fort Pierce, FL

yes dr h still excepts medicaid medipass

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on 5/20/14 8:58 am - OH

University Hopital/Case Medical Center of Cleveland,Ohio

Dr Lena Katian, Bariatric Head Surgeon does accept Medicare with no problem

Kristen H.
on 12/9/07 7:28 pm, edited 12/9/07 7:28 pm - Orlando, FL
US Bariatric in Ft Lauderdale, Orlando (Celebration) and soon in St Augustine are COEs, but the docs are opted out of Medicare. So patients would have to pay the surgeon's fee, but the hospital and anesthesia are covered by Medicare at the 80% of u&c.

Also, US Bariatric Orlando accepts UHC Medicaid.

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on 9/30/09 8:05 am - Jacksonville, FL
Lap Band on 03/19/12
i know this was written over a year ago but as of today that information about US Bariactric's accepting UHC Medicaid is incorrect...they do not I called
Elizabeth S.
on 4/18/12 8:42 am - spring hill, FL
RNY on 03/20/12
 Not sure about the others - but the Dr in Orlando (celebration) is accepting medicare now.  He also accepts medicaid - but ONLY as a secondary to medicare.  His name is Dr. Kim - their website is: n/questions-and-answers and he is AWESOME!  
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on 11/8/12 11:46 am - Orlando, FL

I just called Dr. Kim and the office personnel just told me that they DO NOT accept Medicaid, nor is he willing to help sponsor or see someone that can't pay or that doesn't have insurance.  SAD to see that a well known DR. can't step up and at least help out.

My 2 friends had surgery with him and YES he is a great Dr. but what happens with those that are in need? Where do we go?

Does anyone know of a Surgeon that does accept MEDICAID, in the Orlando, FL..... area?? I need help please!  


on 11/19/14 9:32 am - Deltona, FL

Were you able to fine a surgeon in orlando? 

on 1/16/15 9:58 pm

Hi April. I live in Orlando. I found a surgeon at the Tampa Bariatric center. They accept medicaid. I have staywell. I already attended the seminar and am now in the process of getting all of my clearances done. I'm just starting the process and my INS co request me see a nutritionist for 6 months. So hopefully I will have my surgery in June or July. Hope this helps. The perform the bypass, the sleeve, and the lap band. I'm excited

on 1/23/15 6:06 am

Can you please give me the info? I live in Orlando and also have Staywell.