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Margaret Smith
on 9/21/13 1:28 pm - Lake Wales, FL

We see dr murr for hby in tampa and they got him approved on medicare in less then 2 wks.



(deactivated member)
on 12/4/08 12:32 pm - Lutz, FL
What hoops do you have to jump through with Medicaid?  I have it but I didn't think they would cover so I was looking into getting my own private insurance.  Would I just go to one of these Drs and they handle the rest?  Please let me know!
on 12/5/08 4:01 pm - middleburg, FL
getting discouraged here.. i got the letter of nec. from my PCP, but can't find a surgeon that will take my UHC/Medicaid?!?!?  I contacted UHC and they told me it is my responsibility to find a surgeon that is willing to take the out of network rate?  Is that really my responsibility? anyway, i have called SO MANY offices and none of them will take it, even after i explain that the ins is requesting them to call for an authorization.  i am not sure what else to do, how can the insurance refuse to help find a surgeon, even though i've gotten the nec. letter?

on 7/19/09 7:04 am - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Universal Health really sucks  I have them. Humana Family has a dr in fl. only problem is they aren't taken anymore people in broward county. If you live outside of broward you can see if they are accepting where you are the have bariactic nutrition and everything.I hope to be able to switch in sept.

P. Javellana
on 12/8/08 9:21 am - Central Florida, FL
RNY on 06/29/10 with
Dr. Todd Overcash
Ocala, Florida

I just got off the phone with Dr. Overcash's office and they said that he is on a leave of abscence for 1-3 months or more and is not doing any surgeries.

She said Dr. Hoddinott is not a member of the Center of Execellence yet but may be soon.

My problem is I have Wellcare HMO with an out of network option/Medicare.  My insurance is willing to pay, but trying to get someone to take Wellcare is hard since they don't take Wellcare - only Medicare.  I talked to Dr. Overcash's office and they would have to talk to Wellcare, but then she said he was not doing any surgeries.
on 12/30/08 12:11 pm - St. Augustine, FL
RNY on 06/01/05 with

Flagler Hospital and Dr. Marema in St. Augustine, Florida both accept Medicare.

Dr. Marema's office number is   904-829-9577. You can find more information in the website at under the Bariatric tab. Also under find a hospital you can read the reviews. They are awesome. Dr. Marema has had surgery himself and has great patient outcomes.

Good Luck to All!
Best Decision I Ever Made.
on 1/3/09 9:26 am - rochester , NY
Dr. Overcash in Ocala, Fl has done a ton of medicare patients.
on 1/12/09 11:58 am - Lake City, FL

dr ben david shands gainesville

michelle O.
on 1/25/09 3:25 pm - Tampa, FL
Dr. Jessee who does Lap Band or Realize Band recently started accepting Medicare. She does surgery at Palms of Pasedena hospital which is a center of excellence for Bariatric surgery.
on 1/28/09 9:19 am - lake city, FL
on 4/2/09 8:27 pm - Orlando, FL
I had my surgery in Nov of 05.  Dr Raul Rosethal.  Can't say enough good things about him.  He accepted my Medicare.  I do not know if he has changed his acceptance of it.  He works at Cleveland Clinic/Hospital in Weston FL which is west of Ft Lauderdale.  I drove there from Orlando.

Now the prob with Medicare is you go thru all the hoops and you have your surgery and it is a toss up if they PAY for it.  So most MD's want you cleared for making your own payments if Medicare falls thru.  That is why so many dont accept/work with Medicare.

One of the most important subjects Medicare is interested in is your wanting to return to work.  Lets face it they want you back to work and no longer in the system.  Esp if your weight is the main detr to your working.


Best of luck to everyone.  Would I do my R-N- Y again.  In a second.
on 5/27/09 4:28 pm - Orlando, FL
I am in Orlando. I'm on disability and ONLY have Medicare A/B. Nothing else. Anyone know where I can have this done that's not going to cost me a fortune?
on 5/28/09 1:00 pm - Orlando, FL
I just got off the phone with Dr. Kim's people at Celebration Health. As of THIS WEEK, Dr. Kim accepts straight up Medicare A/B!!
L. Anderson
on 6/18/09 8:54 pm - Duluth, GA
RNY on 06/30/09 with
Dr. Michael Williams in Alpharetta, GA. Takes STRAIGHT MEDICAID ONLY. If you sign up with a managed care group such as amerigroup or wellcare they won't accept it. It must be straight medicaid. Surgery is out of North Fulton Regional and Emory John's Creek.

Office Number: 770-500-3660
5755 North Point Parkway
Alpharetta, GA
on 6/25/09 7:17 am
U.S. Bariatric ,  is in Orlando an St. Augustine.You must go to a Dr. that is a Center of Excellence, for Medicare.
He has gastric bypass himself. There  phone # is 407-895-8007  Orlando.
Check the internet for:
Hope this helps some.He and his staff are awesome
on 6/30/09 6:03 pm - interlachen, FL
I just wanted to say thank you so much for this post!
michelle O.
on 11/3/09 5:10 am - Tampa, FL
Dr. Tiffany Jessee takes Medicare. She does Lap Band & Realize Adjustable Banding.
Here is her info.
Her website is
on 11/3/09 11:08 pm - miami, FL
im 30 yrs old. an im thinking of having the gastric bypass surgery. but i have no insurance  and i don't qualify for medicaid due to my age. what can i do im desperate!! im 325 pounds i cant sleep cause i have trouble breathing and when i walk for more than 5 minutes i feel like im gonna faint. please help
on 1/9/10 12:19 am
How do you not qualify for medicaid due to your age? Medicare is the insurance that requires you to be a certian age. Medicaid mainly is for anyone who cant afford insurance and is in need of health care. Have you applied for Medicaid? Go to and apply over the internet... the only thing is I don't know if they cover and weight loss surgery...
on 1/9/10 12:14 am
I was wondering if anyone knows anything about any dr.s that take TOTAL HEALTH CHOICE, HMO through MEDICAID, here in Miami, FL.... or if this HMO even covers the lap band procedure.... Thanks