on 3/5/15 1:25 am

tampa general hospital.. (813) 844-7473 thats the bariatric program line. they accept medicaid! I just hung up with them I have sunshine and she said they take it. So I scheduled an info session to begin my journey!

on 3/11/15 10:36 pm - Rosemount, MN

Awesome!! I am 5 yrs post op still at my goal weight if you would like a buddy. I am in Tarpon Springs fl


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on 6/28/15 12:00 pm

Yes they are great and if you take your PCP the stuff that is required by your insurance you will get everything done asap I just got my Approval and surgery date yaay.

on 9/24/16 12:14 am - Kissimmee, FL

How is the process for the procedure.. 

Purple Lotus
on 1/13/08 3:56 pm - FL

Have you contacted Shands @ UF?  (Dr. Ben-David or Cendan)  I don't know that they take it, but most Shands doctors do. You can call (352) 265-0111 and ask for the office of Dr. Ben-David.

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on 7/26/13 6:09 am

yea he does bc i have medicaid  and my surgery is gonna be in october.. he is nice but firm and he has testing that you have to do. I live in panama city area and its like 3 &1/2 hrs and i will have to go 4 or 5 times down there byt it is worth it!!



July 25 2013

on 8/30/13 11:45 am

hi i am new in here in florida i want the bypass surgey and i have medicaid full and my husband share cost we really need the surgery hi is 389 and i 417 pless ho is the doctor that acepted the medicaid? thanks for your help. because i went i doctor by medicaid and they said is hard for they aproved. :(

 att luz burgos

on 10/6/13 5:22 am - Fort Pierce, FL

dr kevin hoddinott of ocla fl takes full medicaid medipass for all sugery 10/6/13

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on 9/28/14 1:16 pm - largo, FL

do i have to see my dr 1st or can i go staight to him?

on 1/16/15 2:00 pm

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