on 4/24/11 9:00 pm
Christy I have Medicaid Share of Cost also...YOU NEED a primary doctor's referral...I see you live in Broward County...I found a primary doctor in Margate that takes Share of have to pay $50.00 copay for your visit. Her name is doctor Rekha Pandya phone# 954-984-8000. She is very nice and she gave me a referral to see a Bariactric Surgeon...I had to FIND my own surgeon that takes share of cost...he's name is Dr. Emil Matei in Hollywood, Fl...I am going to see him this Tuesday...I'll let you know how it goes!!! But yes...YOU NEED A REFERRAL!! Hope this helps.
on 4/25/11 7:10 pm - Hallandale, FL
Oh ok thanks for the info I'm going to call Dr. De La Cruz office tomorrow I have an appoinment with the surgeon on May 18th and they didnt mention it. Wow your doctor is really close I should call them to see also.
on 4/22/11 9:56 am
Does anyone know the REQUIREMENTS of Florida MEDICAID for weight loss surgery?? I have share of cost...I found a Surgeon who takes it in Hollywood, Fl my appt is next week...Im just wondering what Medicaid requires??
on 4/24/11 6:09 am - DAVENPORT, FL
hello dr.hoddinott in ocala fl works out of munroe regional medical center i had my consult on 3-25-2011 i had to have filters put in my groins because of my lung disease on 04-21-2011 i will have stomach scope done on 04-26-2011 and my surgery on 04-28-2011 the only things they needed was my medical records, psyc evaluation and medical clearence from primary care doctor . with share of cost my only advice is try to see your doctor in the beginning of the month so you can meet your share of cost and you'll be covered the rest of the month. dr. hoddinott number is 352-368-1661 hopes this helps it only took them 17 days to get the authorization from medicaid share of cost for my surgery
Bonnie C.
on 4/24/11 4:58 pm - Miami, FL
The surgeon you are seeing should be able to tell you what they require, but as far as Medicaid, you need to either have a BMI of 35 to 40 with 2 co-morbities (such as diabetes and sleep apnea) or have a BMI over 40 with no co-morbities.

Hope this answered your question :)
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on 5/13/11 9:05 am - Hallandale, FL
 Hi MiamiRosay i just was informed today that they cancelled all medicaid patients at Dr de la cruz office today and they never called thank god i called before I went to my appointment besides who wants to get surgery at a office who is unorganised  i will be calling ur doctor thanks for the info
on 6/25/11 7:58 pm - Lauderdale Lakes , FL
 Hey have you tried Dr Valladares 305-631-5355?
on 6/22/11 7:39 am - Jacksonville, FL
Lap Band on 03/19/12
I have medicaid in jacksonville and the requirements for me were: 6 months of documented weight maintenence by a physician, pcp referral, pcp letter stating its medically neccessary, dietician clearance, phych evaluation, sometimes a cardiologist clearance and pulmonary doctor clearance.
on 6/18/11 8:53 am
Can anyone tell me if there is a surgeon in Florida that accepts MEDICAID. Thanks!!
(deactivated member)
on 6/19/11 3:43 pm, edited 6/19/11 3:45 pm
on 6/22/11 7:40 am - Jacksonville, FL
Lap Band on 03/19/12
there are several what city are you in?
on 8/11/11 4:41 pm
 Hi, I am in Orlando and need a doctor... Are there any drs that aren't 2-3 hours away?
Bonnie J.
on 6/21/11 2:38 pm - FL
Dr Jorge Sosa take Medicaid / Medicare but if you are looking to get the Lap Band medicaid will not pay for it -- it only pays for the Gastric By-Pass and you must have a B.M.I. of 40 or more 
on 7/23/11 1:44 pm - FL
VSG on 03/10/14
My surgeon is dr thomas bass he takes medicare he has offices in hollywood,naples,and fort myers. hope this helps


on 8/31/11 9:17 pm
Hi there! Both my sister and I are trying to find a doctor in the Tampa Bay area that accepts Medipass. I don't just want to settle for any doctor. I want to make sure this doctor has good reviews and really knows their stuff. My sister is bigger than I am but she has been that way most of her life. She has Medipass but as for me... I'm out of luck because I don't have any health insurance or medicade. I will be paying out of pocket but would maybe like to see if they offer a payment plan. Please help me out and let me know if you know of any doctors in the Tampa area or maybe 50 miles away. Thanks and goodluck to everyone!
on 10/1/11 7:34 pm - FL
DR KAHLIL SHILLINGFORD  in Boca Raton 5614838840

wonderful surgeon
does medicaid lap band
and medicare lap band/bariatric/sleeve

he accepts almost all surgeons

office manager and staff r wonderful

located at
9960 Central Park Blvd N Ste 235
Boca Raton FL 33428

Ask for nancy, she is a sweetheart
he operates at northwest and coral springs

on 10/2/11 9:20 am - Hollywood, FL
do I have to have a disease in order for medicaid to cover my gastric sleeve surgery? 
on 10/2/11 9:21 am - Hollywood, FL
on 10/3/11 5:56 pm - FL
 I do not know Dr Sosa
Dr Shillingford is located at west boca medical center
his office number is 5614838840

i don't know all the details but his officer manager nancy is super helpful

right now i know he is accepting new patients for medicaid band
he accepts medicare for sleeve, bypass and band

it is worth calling and asking
he also accepts all commercial insurances including coventry and vista and others that some surgeons don['t take
good luck
Dena W.
on 10/24/11 12:08 pm - Tarpon Springs, FL
RNY on 03/12/07 with
Dr. Michel Murr
(813) 844-7473
Tampa General Hospital (Bariatric Center of Excellence)
PO Box 1289, Tampa, FL 33601-1289

Accepts Medicare & Medicaid
His website:
See my YouTube vlogs here:
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