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on 9/20/13 5:26 am - FL
On July 8, 2008 at 9:12 AM Pacific Time, Stephanie1983 wrote:
I do know from lots of research that there is curently no drs in FL that take straight medicaid. However if you can get an HMO for medicaid Staywell will cover it. They do make you have a year of Dr visits and must be recomended by your Dr. I know their is several drs that except Staywall I used Dr. Gordon and Dr. Gonzalvo they due the surgery at Morton Plant in Clearwater. Good Luck


on 10/6/13 5:31 am - Fort Pierce, FL

dr kevin hoddinott ocala fl does expects medicaid medipass

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on 10/10/13 4:54 am

Are there any doctors in Northwest Florida that accept Medicaid Medipass?


on 10/10/13 4:57 am

does he do the gastric sleeve?

on 9/28/14 1:23 pm - largo, FL

a yr wait??? that sucks, I was told only 3 months....I have it because I have that HMO (staywell)??? I need this done asap b4 they take my medicaid away. do i need to change my HMO? im also in clearwater

on 1/16/15 2:07 pm

I have staywell and they require 6 months not a year. The closest place to you which is the doctor I will be going to is Tampa Bariatric Center at the Tampa General Hospital. Dr. Murr. Your first step will be the orientation which is a requirement. They will tell u EVERYTHING u will need at the orientation. Schedule that ASAP. The faster u do the faster u will get ur surgery. Good luck

on 7/14/08 8:55 am - Silver Springs, FL

Shands at UF does take medicaid because that is who I am  going through for my surgery. They have an intake seminar every 2nd and 4th tuesday night from 6 to 7 pm in room 1210 (by the cafeteria) it is free and it is mandatory for anyone who is interested in how the process works. the phone number is (352)265-0535 and the Lady that does the scheduling's name is Amelia. any other help I can be just email me with any questions and if I don't know the answer , I'll try to find it out for you! Lynikins

on 7/29/08 7:24 am - lilburn, GA
i am about to move to olando and i was wondering is there any bariatric surgeons there that accept medicaid amerigroup
on 8/9/08 2:48 am - Gainesville, GA
Once u move to FL. u will have to get on their medicaid  program which will be different from GA. (MediCARE is federal, MediCAID is state)  Ga has 3 HMO's (u have the Amerigroup one) for medicaid & also ssi medicaid -each covers different things; so u first need to get enrolled in wutever Fl offers then find who takes what.  However, as long as ur in GA and have Amerigroup, u can call them and ask for a case manager assignment; the CM can assess ur medical needs on a personal basis and MAYBE assist u  with getting the surgery.  I worked for GA medicaid before the HMO split and I don't know if/how it's covered.  I did have Amerigroup and my casemanager was able to help me with the process to get some procedures and treatments I needed for my back injury...hope this helps. 
on 9/17/08 2:33 am - kissimmee, FL
Hi sweetie, I was wondering if you found anyone. I have amerigroup and live in kissimmee and am looking for someone in this area kissimmee/orlando ect...Did you get any help yet? If you have any information you can share I would be very greatful...thanks
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