Who Takes MEDICAID ??

on 2/21/09 3:53 am - panama city beach, FL
Does FLORIDA MEDICAID cover WLS ??? Does anyone know of any surgeons who accept MEDICAID for WLS ???  Thanks !!
on 2/21/09 9:22 pm - Tampa, FL
Something I just learned... 2 days ago.

I worked for Amerigroup and in the state of Fl when u have Medicaid u have to select an HMO.

Well I'm no longer working and applied for Medicaid I called a few places asking if they accept Medicaid the answer was NO.. One place I was asked ... what type of Medicaid I have. That threw me off... Anyways to make a long story short...

I called back the next day and ask what HMO they accept. Since I haven't selected one... Come to find out they take Amerigroup, Staywell, Health Ease etc etc... those r all Medicaid HMO's

What HMO r u using? and ask if they accept that. I have a few phone numbers...where in Fl r u?

Sorry for the long message haha
on 7/8/09 8:55 am - Lauderhill, FL
can i get those doctors number
on 12/11/09 1:00 am - Tampa, FL
 I am using Healthease and I was wondering if anyone knew of a hospital in Lakeland, St. Petersburg, and Tampa that take this (medicaid) for the Lap Band Surgery?
on 4/8/11 6:27 am - Lilburn, GA
VSG on 12/15/16
 No, unfortunately, they do not! I will be on Medicaid as of May. So, I have been calling around like crazy to get my stuff in order so I can begin getting approved as soon as possible. Well, I called Dr Nye's office and was adivsed that they have no contract with Medicaid and therefore do not accept them. I was then given the number for Lee Memorial (in Lee county) and Shands Hospital in Fort Myers. The representative I spoke to at Lee Memorial told me that she has been getting call after call with the same question and they do not accept Medicaid. So, I caled Shands and for 2 days the Bariatric representative has had her calls forwarded and is not available. So I will call back Monday at 8 am to make SURE I am not missing her by calling after a certain time of day. I called the doctor's office at Sacred Heart and they have been unavailable for 2 days to ask for sure if they take Medicaid. So, if ANYONE reading this post has any updated info, PLEASE message me with as much info as possible. I would greatly appreciate it! 
on 4/8/11 6:28 am - Lilburn, GA
VSG on 12/15/16
on 4/22/09 11:05 am - Pensacola fl, FL
Dr Nye and the other Bariatric doc @ Baptist hospital  in Pensacola do. From what I understand it has to be a Center Of Excellence.

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