5-6 weeks out

on 1/5/12 5:42 am - FL
I had my rNY on Nov 29th, but had several complications, but not with pouch. I am now home from hospital and am trying actual food. So far so good with lean meatloaf plain, chicken, and deli turkey. I am running out of breakfast ideas. I also cook the chicken in crock pot with cream soup to make it moist. I am looking for some new ideas and easy recipes since its hard for me to get around because I am recovering from blood clot. I appreciate new suggestions. Also I have had a few bite size pieces of home oven baked plain cheese pizza and surprisingly it does well. Has anyone else been able to do pizza?
J G.
on 1/17/12 3:00 pm
Hi butterfly,   I try to think outside of the box for breakfast.  I like turkey bacon or turkey sausage with cheese.  Can you eat cheese?  Also greek yogurt mixed with some fruit.  Sorry you had some complications.  Hope things are looking up.

:o)  Jenny
on 1/21/12 10:04 pm - CORAL SPRINGS, FL
I do a protein shake every morning. I can take it in the car with me on the way to work and know I get a majority of my protein for the day out of the way.
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