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I just got approved for Medicaid, now what do I do?

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on 4/10/07 3:24 pm - Jonesboro, GA
YAY, WOW I can't believe it. If I am reading all the papers correctly then I have medicaid. This is what I have been trying so hard to get! So now that I have it, I just got the letter today, what do I do. Or rather, does anyone know the best doctor in this area to see who supports surgery? Do you know what the process is for being approved for surgery with Medicaid? I am so excited to maybe, hopefully, finally having a way to get this surgery. I am so ready to begin doing whatever I have to do to get it. Thanks for all you help and support. I am so happy I have this board to come to! Candy
Jeannie A.
on 4/10/07 4:35 pm - Stockbridge, GA
I am so happy for you, I will get you some information. Hug's Jeannie
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on 4/11/07 9:03 am - Jonesboro, GA
Hey Jeannie! I knew you would happy for me. thanks for the support. I will defiantly keep you updated!
on 4/10/07 5:18 pm - Stockbridge, GA
WOW WOW WOW WOW I am so very happy for you Candy. The only doctor I could find in Georgia was Dr Duncan's office. Believe me I searched long and hard and even had Amy Williams looking for me too. Call me if you need any details. His office has a seminar coming up on the 14th I believe. That is the first step. Again congratulations.
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on 4/11/07 9:06 am - Jonesboro, GA
I know, WOW is right, I can't hardly belive it! I am planning on going saturday to the seminar thanks for telling me about that. Where do you suggest I go to get the clearences that I need to get? Do I have to get a PCP to set those up for me? and if I do, who is the best that supports this surgery? My brain is trying to figure so much out all at once. So how are you feeling???
Jeannie A.
on 4/11/07 9:39 am - Stockbridge, GA
Candy, My PCP is wonderful and she has really been here for me. I will get you her information if you need it. Hug's Jeannie
Ruby R.
on 4/10/07 6:49 pm
I am glad for you. I had good luck with Duncan's office. My surgery went good and I lost the weight. We are making room for you on the 'losers bench."
on 4/11/07 7:56 am - Carrollton, GA
Dr. Ducans office was the best for me I attended a simenar on December 14th 06 got my packet and made all the appoints for my clearences that monday. Make sure you get all your medical clerences!!! Because Tracey and Lolitta wont submitt to the insurence untill thay have every thing. Thats so you dont get denided. I have Peachstate and was approved within 48hr after thay got my papers. Please attend the simenar ASAP! to get started you have to get the packet before so you can begain your journey. Its a long process good luck mine started in November 2006 and I got my surgery date April 10th its (May 7th ) Be very agressive Good Luck Please contact me if I can help you in any way. JULIA
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on 4/11/07 9:03 am - Jonesboro, GA
thanks Julia! Dr. Duncan was who I was planning on going through. I guess I just need to figure out where to go to get the clearences I need to send in with the packett. I am planning on going to this saturdays seminar, I do not want to waist any time on this. Thanks for the info! Candy
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on 4/13/07 12:42 am - Marietta, GA
Candy, In my opinion you can not go wrong with Dr Duncans office. My surgery was done by Dr Hodson and the help and support I recieved was nothing short of the best.
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on 4/11/07 9:07 am - Jonesboro, GA
Thank you Mary! I want that place on the bench sooo badly, I can not wait!
on 4/11/07 9:51 am - Stockbridge, GA
Hey Candy, When you walk in to the seminar they will have folders made up with your insurance compaines name on it. You select yours and it will be customized for what your insurance company requires. It wwill also have a step by step on what you need, when to do it, and what comes next. They even give you an idea how long each step should take. Yes, you need a PCP. If yours doesn't take medicaid you may wish to try mine. Dr Catherine Burley (in Riverdale) 770 991-6300. Something you can do to get yourself started is to try to start a complete diet history from the time you were an adult. Include dates, ages, starting weights, amounts lost/gained, what kind of drugs/diet/exercise, any results, and why you stopped. You will also need some kind of statement about yourself and why you want the surgery. You don't need to have these finished but it will take sometime to get them in order and this is one of the most time consuming. I may be coming to the seminar to support both you and "bluebutterfly"(Patricia). I am doing well. Dr says I have lost 13 pounds so far but I am retaining water and have pitting edema in my legs. Call if you need anything or have any questions. ~~~Pat~~~
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on 4/12/07 6:40 am - Jonesboro, GA
That is really good information, thank you Pat! I don't currently have a PCP and we might be moving to Jonesboro so I will give your Dr. a call. I did go to the Clayton Co. BHC and am doing what they want also to get some help. So I feel good about the steps I have made lately to turn things around. I am so ready to get out of this valley I have been in. I will give you a call saturday before I go and maybe we can meet up there. Thanks for all the info. hugs, Candy
on 4/11/07 5:40 pm - JONESBORO, GA
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on 4/12/07 6:43 am - Jonesboro, GA
thank you Candy ! You know I am super excited!! Thanks for your support! Candy2
on 4/12/07 12:48 am
Candy, Congrats on your Medicaid approval. I would use no one other than Dr. Duncan. Just remember that Medicaid does not cover psychological services for recipients over 21. But it does cover psychiatric, therefore, you need your psych clearance from a psychiatrist rather than a psychologist(MD vs. PhD.). When I was able to work, I worked for the company that processed the Medicaid claims for the state. In fact, I was the physician's specialist so I still know a great deal about it. Tracey and Lolita are great and know the approval process very well. By all means, get your packet at the seminar. If it is still available online go ahead and print it and fill it out. That is what I did, then I simply handed it in at the seminar. Good luck. Hugs, Janie
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on 4/12/07 7:13 am - Jonesboro, GA
Thank you Janie. That is good to know about the psych clearance. I am going to the seminar saturday so if it's not online i will get it there. I am so ready to get all of this done! Thanks again for the info! Candy
Georgia Girl
on 4/14/07 12:30 pm
Thats great news Candy.... I wish you the best of everything in your journey. Be blessed..... Crece
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on 4/16/07 8:14 am - Jonesboro, GA
Thanks Crece! I know your not crazy about Dr. duncan but I really appreciate your support and encouragement! hugs, Candy!
Georgia Girl
on 4/16/07 1:25 pm
Hi Sweetheart.... You are right about that. I have always supported any one having wls. I will support you in any way. Please keep me posted on your progress. Crece