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on 2/28/08 3:24 am - GA
Oh great! I look so forward to seeing you. There is talk at the Florida Board about them having one so I am jus****ching some there. I sent an email to OH since a place has not been picked for it to be closer to Atlantat International airport. Where they have it ...marta doesnt even go there. I could hop a plane here and be there in an hour. I learned so much from the conference so am excited to be going again. You are in my prayers with this demon of depression. Keep fighting. Phyllis
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on 3/25/08 6:06 pm
It has been said many times on this board, but I have to add my two cents.  Dr Duncans office is fantastic.  Dr Larry Hobson is the best... Bernadette
on 3/25/08 8:23 pm - GA
Thanks I have heard they are good at the peachtree bariatric
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on 8/2/08 4:10 pm - Waycross, GA
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Yes your doctor does take medicaid . I'm going to Drs. Kent/Henderson in Brunswick and I'm on medicaid. Medicaid wants a cardiac and pulmonary clearance. I'm going to have to do a thalium stress test and a PFT to get that. They want a DOA with alcohol drawn to make sure you ain't on drugs or drunk. I believe there are 2 others that they want but it can be done through your blood. O a H-pylori...And you know everything that the surgeon wants ya' to do......Good luck to your daughter........
on 8/3/08 10:16 am - GA
Thanks for responding. When I wrote that it was several months ago. I will check tomorrow when I go in for a fill to see if they cover lapband.
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on 7/7/08 7:27 pm - dalton, GA
dr. micheal williams in alpharetta ga. accepts medicaid and is great
on 7/20/08 3:51 pm - GA
hiya all ... long time no see... im almost one year out  down from 270 - 165 feeling great and happier than i have ever been in my life.. now with that said .. lol  i just wanted to let all medicaid users know that before you go to dr duncan office in atlanta they are no longer taking WELLCARE .. so make sure you are on the right plan .. good luck and you will love dr hobson he is an angel ...

huggies to you all Faithh


on 8/2/08 4:16 pm - Waycross, GA
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And that's exactly what I have dern WELLCARE!!!! If they don't pay for my VSG with Dr. Henderson I guess it's up to me to get the money to go to Mexico........Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on 7/24/08 7:08 pm - lilburn, GA
i just wanted to tel you all thank you so much for everything youve said, if i didnt read i would not have a clue as to how to get started
on 8/2/08 9:27 pm - GA
change from wellcare to americare ... its just a phone call to medicaid .. gl its worth the work



on 8/4/08 8:06 am - Waycross, GA
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Well I can but I can't change to Amerigroup...

My PCP accepts that insurance but there are ALOT here in Waycross that DOES NOT.
If it just comes down to it when I get through with all of the testing and such then I will but I wouldn't even be able to get the testing here if I was on Amerigroup. Kind'a catch 22, LOL.
on 8/6/08 10:31 am - augusta, GA
hi all i am new to this site but i'm finding it very informative. i live in augusta georgia and have medicaid (amerigroup) does any one else know what they need for approval? i don't have a car that can make it to and from atlanta so i'm in desperate need of a local surgeon? i am very lost and have hundreds of questions i could ask right now but i'll wait till i get these answered?
on 8/28/08 10:53 pm - Huntington Beach, CA

I'm looking for a bariatric surgeon in Athens, GA who takes Medicare.  Any suggestions?
Also may need to switch primary, as doc is resistant, although my comorbidities are increasing so she's not as negative as she was, but it would be nice to have someone who won't slow down the process.

on 10/27/08 1:59 pm - STOCKBRIDGE, GA
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on 7/22/12 12:54 am - nashville, GA
Okay well I have SSI and medicaid through it. Please can you give me names of doctors around NASHVILLE, GA or in any part of GEORGIA THAT WILL take medicaid I have a doctor that says they will send the referreal and I have done all the sleep test, pysch, heart and the only things i haven't done is the nutrientous. I call the doctors on here and they tell me that they don't take MEDICADE. so Please help me. I have called the 0950 and it is all AUTOMATION no live persons. the website doesn't seem to work and the 770 is ALWAYS busy. I would like to have sleeve or the RNY because the lapband isn't right for me. Please anyone that can help me that has gotten approved RECENTLY please give me your dr. name and town. I am really at the end of my rope with this.
Jennifer W.
on 8/16/12 11:28 am
RNY on 03/12/13 with
I dont know of anyone in that area but in Augusta Dr  Darren Glass takes Medicade and is great! i have two more appointments and then Ill be setting my date! I dont live in the Augusta area so I am having to travel almost 3 hours away for this so i understand how frustrating it is to find a Dr that takes Medicade. Good Luck!

on 9/3/12 12:34 am - north augusta, SC
Hello Jinny--Did Sc medicaid require you to go to a Center Of Evcellence for your surgery? also, if so, is dr. glass working at one?
Julie B.
on 11/25/08 2:07 am
Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here & have a couple of questions in RE: to the Medicaid issue. # 1.) What do they ask for or want before approval (i.e. test, 6 mo diet ETC)  I live in metro Atlanta & I just got my medicaid card in the mail, I have no idea about this picking thing between Amerigroup/Peach state/Well care...I am LOST! I had private PPO insurance before becoming disabled but right as I got clearence & the approval letter was being mailed, We found out the "rider" was not in place! I was set for a date in July this year!!!! Anyone got any ideas on the best medicaid plan to pick? Thanks everyone!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
on 11/25/08 5:29 am - Snellville, GA
There are not too many surgeons in GA that accept Medicaid.  (That I know of) Peachtree Bariatrics (Drs. Duncan, Hobson, and Rashid), and Michael Williams (I think).  I used Dr. Hobson.  Click on my profile and read my blogs from the beginning.  It tells you everything you will need to get medicaid to cover your WLS.  PS.  Peachtree Bariatrics only accept Peachstate and Amerigroup.  I used Peachstate. Good Luck!
on 5/5/10 10:34 am

Did u use peachtree to  have your surgery done ?