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????? Support Group Meeting Tonight at Flint Energies in Bonaire, GA

Sherry T.
on 4/3/12 7:04 am, edited 4/3/12 7:22 am - GA
RNY on 05/22/12
Can someone confirm if there is a support group meeting tonight at the Flint Energy Bldg tonight at 7pm?  I'm a newbie and would love to attend and ask some insurance questions as I am hopefully having everything submitted to the insurance company today!!! 

Thank you,

Sherry Thomas
Mike R.
on 4/4/12 4:37 pm - Warner Robins, GA
Sorry, I didn't see this post yesterday.  Yes, we did have the Mini-Mees support group meeting last night.  Hopefully, you came.  If not, our next meeting is May 1st at 7pm.

Good Luck!


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