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Member Services
on 8/31/12 8:10 pm - Irvine, CA
Hello Members,

On a daily basis we get calls from members in desperate need of surgeons that will accept Medicaid and or Medicare for Bariatric surgery.  It breaks our hearts when we have to say "we don't know of any surgeons in your state we can refer you to". 

Can you please help us? If you know of any surgeons in your state that accepts Medicaid and or Medicare, will you list their:


If they accept Medicare and or Medicaid

Phone number



This list will remain here for our members to access and use.

Thank you so much!!!


Member Services

We are so excited about our 2015 Event in Raleigh-Durham, NC!  Book now and we hope to see you there! 




on 11/29/07 4:43 pm - Hoffman Estates, IL
RNY on 01/03/06 with
I used Medicare to pay for my RNY.  The Kane Group in NW Suburban Chicago is where I went.  Dr. Paul Guske was my surgeon. I don't believe they accept medicade though.  But Medicare is a go.
Regards and hugs,

Member Services
on 11/29/07 4:45 pm - Irvine, CA
Thanks Ronna for that information.  This will be of great help to others in IL. Take care, ObesityHelp

We are so excited about our 2015 Event in Raleigh-Durham, NC!  Book now and we hope to see you there! 




(deactivated member)
on 11/30/07 7:25 am, edited 11/30/07 7:26 am - Effingham, IL
Hi.I just completed my clearance tests.Had some transportation problems or I would have had them done a month ago.Here is the info on my surgeon: I had my consult with her Oct 5th & havn`t been able to get anyone from the office to answer my 6 phone calls since then.But as of my consult she and the hospital does accept medicaid,and she told me that medicaid would pay for everything. Whether any of this has changed since then I don`t know as I said they aren`t returning my calls.You will just have to call & check.                                                                        

Dr.Subhashini Ayloo(female)  University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago                               1801 West Taylor St.Outpatient Care Center Suite 3-f,3rd floor Chicago IL 60612                                                                     (312)355-1578 Dr.Ayloo schedules office appts.on thur & fri  Info meetings are every other monday//5pm  Hope this helps KimberlyB

on 12/6/07 10:49 am - energy, IL
Dr. Vitello at  the University of chicago also accepts them. 312-355-1493
on 6/2/14 1:35 pm

Does anyone know after the seminar, how long it take to have your surgery or start the process

P. Stewart
on 12/23/07 9:49 am, edited 12/23/07 9:51 am - chicago, IL

I live in chicago,IL and Dr. Carlos Galvani of UIC hospital accepts medicaid. Hope this information help someone.

(312) 355-4300 or (312) 355 -1493

on 12/27/07 4:46 pm - toluca, IL
I went with Peoria surgical group in peoria. They were very helpful and everything went smoothly getting my aproval. 1-309-495-0200 or  I hope this is helpful, good luck to all.
on 2/6/08 11:03 pm
Did the Peoria Group accept medicare and medicaid?  Could you tell me more about the medical care and bedside manner you received during your surgical process?  Did you have Lapband surgery and how has your recovery gone.  My daughter is in her young twenties and we hope she will be able to have this surgery soon.  thanks
on 4/24/09 10:12 pm - Coal Valley, IL
I also have started at the Peoria Surgical group.  They take medicaid but not for the lap band and you have to be within a certain zip code for them to take you.  The University of Chicago Hospital takes medicaid but the last time I called in April I had been on the wait list for two years and they said I had around three to five more years to wait. Hope this helps.
on 9/28/08 4:17 pm - Pekin, IL
thank you for this information im in pekin which is 20 mins from peoria and was looking for someone I heard horror stories about how hard it is to find someone who would even think about taking meidicaid or medicare. 
on 9/29/08 8:47 am - IL

Methodist has a weight loss program and the last I knew they accepted medicaid for I believe ALL their surgeries....only one I'm not sure about is the lapband.

St. Francis the only option you have is RNY or DS (have to have higer BMI).


on 11/2/09 5:38 pm - Chicago, IL
I also had my VSG by Dr. Carlos Galvani at UIC and he did an amazing job with no side-effects  great job, very happy with UIC all around, I have lost 200 pounds from 397 to 197 in less than a year I have been steady at this weight for almost 8 months!! I am a Pharmacy student there!
on 1/22/13 11:58 pm - Chicago , IL
After your initial consult how long did it take before you had your surgery?
on 5/28/13 10:45 pm


I want to ask you the same question. Have you had your first consult? And how long did it take from your first doctor's visit to have your surgery? Thank you

on 6/4/14 6:57 am

Just wondering if u had your surgery

on 12/30/07 2:07 pm - Peoria, IL
I'm getting my surgery done through OSF and the Peoria Surgical Group in Peoria Illinois. They accept it for all doctor visits, the surgery, and the stay. You do however have to pay for the class (500$) out of pocket, unless you apply for a fee waiver through the  Riverplex- which is based on financial status.
on 1/16/08 10:36 pm - Decatur, IL
These people are very nice ( OSF and the Peoria Surgical Group in Peoria Illinois)and rather than tell you over the phone they do not accept Medicare Payment for Lapband they send you an information Package with a Bold notice on the second page of their flyer that Medicaid and Medicare for Lapband is not accepted. I was always told that if you did not accept Medicare that by Federal law you could not charge more than 15% over Medicare's Standard price for the area you live in. I think if this were true most could handle that. But I have been chasing this since early September. After Care is another problem, the Clinton, Illinois Doctor isn't Certified by Medicare's Certificate of Excellence , but does have an AfterCare site ($250.00 to join his group)in Champaign, Illinois called Safe Health or something like that if you are a long way from the place you have your surgery. Looks like I am headed for Detroit with the Beliteweight  people setting mine up and they do accept Medicare, provide transportation from the DTW Airport to the medical campus, up to three days stay in their on campus international Hotel for what Medicare pay's.Hope this helps some of you as I have spent many days and nights trying to track down spmeone in or near Decatur, Illinois (Center of the state) Koposhi
J. Bell
on 12/30/07 10:49 pm - MOUNT PROSPECT, IL
Lap Band on 12/05/07 with
I JUST HAD MY LAP BAND ON DEC 5TH. I ALSO used Medicare to pay for my LAP BAND.  The Kane Group in NW Suburban Chicago is where I also went.  Dr. PETER RANTIS was my surgeon. From what i know with medicare they put me on what they called fast track, see medicare wont fight for approval like ins companies do, I went to a speaking on sept 25, seen the dr. and then started all my testing, when i got all clearence,i was givin like a 2 week notice of my surgery date.I go for my first fill on jan 8 th...They are located in elk grove & Arl heights,
on 1/23/08 12:36 pm - Staunton, IL
Another member just gave me this info which will be helpful to members in central and southern illinois. Barnes Hospital - St. Louis, MO Dr. John Eagan and Dr. Valerie Halpin Center for Advanced Medicine, GI Center 4921 Parkview Place, Suite C, Floor 8 St. Louis, MO 63110 (314)454-7224      Fax (314)454-5396 The Weight Management Center Bariatric Surgery Program (314)286-2069 Initial Phone Screening Email: I went to their website and according to it ALL doctors at Barnes hospital accept IDPA.  Hope this helps. Beth